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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
If Tomasz had voiced any of these intra-departmental hierarchy thoughts putting Gabriel above the other man, he probably would have laughed. Especially as so much of Gabriel's feeling useful depended on others' taking the time to explain situations and allow him to take up space, whereas Tomasz's job actually kept people safe.

Maybe not him, because he could keep himself plenty safe, but the rest of the ministry.

Tomasz's job was very important, in Gabriel's eyes. And he was perfectly happy sharing a lift with the man, even in silence. But talking was good, too, he supposed, glancing over at Tomasz as the man spoke. Weather? Was that really all they had to talk about? Gabriel grinned and nodded enthusiastically. He might be an Auror in Training, but he wasn't as grumpy as some of those more seasoned Real Aurors. "Yes," he agreed, bracing himself as the lift started moving. "I enjoy summers here."
"I like the cold more, but the summer... it is not so bad this year." Could Tomasz have picked a more mundane subject to speak to Gabriel about? In all likelihood, yes. Had weather not been such an accessible topic, Tomasz would have surely found another way to make this an awkward lift ride. He always delivered in this regard. If uncomfortable conversations with colleagues was part of his job description, he would have gotten a promotion. Perhaps he would have made it to be division head.

In any case, he wasn't used to idle chit-chat with anyone at the Ministry. He typically made it a point to arrive so early so that he did not need to share a lift, and on the days when he did stop to talk to people, they were usually those he had known for a long while. It was much easier to talk to good friends, and even then Tomasz sometimes had difficulty finding things to speak about. Normally, others led the conversations. This was, probably, for the best. Otherwise, Tomasz would talk about nothing but the weather and such conversations grew redundant and stale very quickly.

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