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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Olive watched as the girl attempted to reach the monkey bars. "Yeah, I'm going to Hogwarts. First year." She stifled her laugh as she watched the girl fail miserably. Could someone her own age be such a big comparison to her? She had to accept that it was possible, and it was standing right in front of her.

Lollies hum? Sure if that's what she wanted to call herself, who was Ollie to tear her down. She was funny, that Ollie was for sure of. All her friends at home were book nerds and smarties. None of them had a fun personality like this girl. The only time they wanted to hang out with her was after school in the library. What fun was to be had there? They couldn't even talk to each other!

"I'm Olive, but you can call me Ollie... Actually, I prefer Ollie" She informed the girl, hoping to make a new, exciting friend. She watched the girl walk over to the mini Hogwarts and take her leap of faith. Ollie winced not wanting to see her fall. But when she opened her eyes there she was, successfully on top of the monkey bars, right where Ollie had just been. SHe did look nervous up there. Ollie figured it looked a lot more daring for someone who was used to being closer to the ground.

"You might want to be careful up there. My hands are scrapped from coming down." She informed the girl. Ollie was used to scrapes though. She spent most of her time outside anyway, so she didn't mind.

Okay. She was embarrassed. Very embarrassed. Please don’t mind her. She’d just be chilling. She nodded at the girl’s reply. Ah so they would be year mates. “Got a particular house in mind?” she smiled.

Nice to meet you, Ollie.” Olive was a pretty name so was Ollie. And Ollie rhymed with Lolly. “Great to meet you. I’m Lisa. Lisa Nam.” She offered the other girl a bright smile before she turned to her next mission. She would be successful.

Now at the top of the monkey bars, Lisa gritted her teeth as she looked down. Yeah.... she wasn’t planning on coming down anytime soon. “The view from up here is good. I don’t want to... to really drop down,” she said as she glanced down. “Want to.... come up?
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