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SPOILER!!: Hades, Bry & a bear!
Originally Posted by ICE CREAM BEARS! View Post
There was a part of her that had nearly regretted volunteering for bear duty, if just because the battle was still rather fresh in Elizabeth's mind. But then, that was also the reason for the party at Florean's, so in a way it had also helped. Along with the several charms she had cast on the interior of the chocolate bear costume so her petite frame wasn't completely dwarfed by the size.

Either way, she had made a rather intentional choice as to where she chose to station herself: the playground. If just for the reason that she knew her grandchildren would have been ecstatic to see the big cuddly bear with the yummy looking sundae in its hand, and the location rather guaranteed children to be present. And that was who the party was really for, even if she knew for a fact adults would likely be just as interested.

"ICE CREAM PARTY! GET YOUR ICE CREAM TO CELEBRATE!," she called out, dancing around a little at the edge of the playground to add to the aesthetic. Dancing ice cream bear. Come to Florean's for some ice cream and celebration!
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Hadleigh watched the little ones as they ran off once more to play together, their little disagreement already forgotten. Ah, what it was like to be a small child! Carefree and innocent! "That I can't answer for sure, only time will tell but I hope not." Kids could argue about anything really. One moment they disliked each other and the very next they were best buds again.

"There's no doubt in my mind that you will and I'll be having a talk with Bry once we return home as well." Even though Bryony was the one who had her hair tugged today she wanted to make sure she understood that it wasn't a nice thing to do.

Clearly there had been reasons for going around the castle, the stairs on the other side being larger, therefore Bryony didn't need to let her grip on his hand go. "Oh, tay!" She nodded her head, blonde her flying all around her face as she did so. Bry turned around to bold to the left towards the suit of armor but something else had caught her attention. Something much more important than a fake suit of armor or a fake door. Something yummy.

"Ice cream?! Where?!" Blue eyes went super wide and she was already trying to tug on Aryan's hand so she could pull him along with her towards the dancing ice cream bear. "Tum on, Ary! Ice cream!"

Adi decided that worrying over Aryan’s cureengt behaviour, and future behaviour, would get no one anywhere. He shrugged instead, looking after the two kiddos. It was just wild how they could forget a misunderstanding so soon. Adi figured that was a good thing, at least to an extent. “I’ll keep an eye on him.” The last thing he needed was his youngest son choosing violence at any time. “You ought to give Bry props for not fighting back and being forgiving.’’ Adi grinned. “She’s a great kid.” All of Hades’ kiddos were but Bry surely was something special.

Aryan had heard it too. Actually, he had heard the words ‘ice cream’. Much like Bry, the little boy forgot all about the Castle they stood in. He wanted ice cream and he wanted it now! There wasn't any convincing that Aryan needed. “Ice cweam,’’ he repeated and let himself be pulled along towards the bear. “Ear!’’ That was toddler speak for ‘bear’. “Ice cweam! Ice cweam!’’ Where was daddy? Daddy needed to buy them ice cream!
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