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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa raised both eyebrows when the girl mentioned that she was too short to reach. Just wait a minute! she wondered what that meant but then cautioned herself because the girl had been nice about it. Lisa was tiny and even she couldn't disagree with that. But this girl couldn't be much BIGGER, right? Riiiiight?

So Lisa waited until the girl would be on the ground before deciding. She watched the girl drop to the ground and then paled slightly when she saw just HOW TALL this girl was. Her eyes were as wide as tea cup saucers again (just like they had been in almost every magical shop) as she STARED at the other girl. "How do you become so TAAAAAALLLLL!?!?!?!"

Was there a certain food she ate? A demon god that she prayed to? A picture of her in the attic like Dorian Gray!? Lisa had to know. But of course, she didn't ask any of these questions because the other girl had posed her one. "I'm eleven! I'm going off to Hogwarts this year," she proudly said, puffing her chest a little bit. 'And you? Are you thirteen?"
13!!!?!? Ollie surely wants that tall... did she look older than she was? Hopefully not. She knew that looking older wouldn't be nice in the future. She knew she was tall for her age, but all of your friends at home were only a tad bit shorter than she was. Was she really so tall in comparison to the girl?

Ollie's eyebrows furrow together "I'm 11 too. I think I'm normal sized... you're just short" Ollie shrugged. She didn't mean to offend the girl if she had but sometimes her temper got the best of her. "Go ahead... Try to reach them." She stepped out if the way to give the girl access to the bars.
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