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Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
This summer was a challenge. The war was over, but moving forward from that was another obstacle to face. Kat was glad she had her eldest at home, despite being thankful that Cassie didn't have to go through a lot, but it did require conversations with her husband and her kids regarding how things will be in the months to come. One never does get used to being adult, in spite of already being an adult for many many years already.

In effort of bouncing back, Kat decided she could use a drink, but she didn't want to bother Elise at the moment. Things were probably as serious at the Stylinson household. These were their kids' future that they had to deal with, after all. Besides, she had a few errands to tend too and potions supplies to refill in the Alley. But not until she'd had a drink for herself, and the usual go-to in Diagon Alley was no other than the Leaky Cauldron.

"Elderflower, thank you," the former Slytherin said and offered a brief smile to the barman, all while casually sliding a galleon over the counter. With her glass in hand, Kat had opted to take a seat by the grand piano, but a familiar but also not—that was possible, she would argue—face caught her attention.

The blond briefly squinted her green eyes before it came to her. And my, what a sight for sore eyes! Or was it? He looked different, she might have been deceived. "Kinsley, is that you?" Just to be sure.
Theodore wasn't sure if he had been here for four minutes or four hours by the time he had finished his firewhiskey. Strange because it's usually easier to lose track of time when you have company rather than being alone. Still, it felt like he'd been here ages, probably looking like a right saddo, too. He fumbled around in his back pocket for a galleon to get himself another drink but he only had a couple of sickles left.

Just as he was about to get up and leave, he heard an unfamiliar voice calling his surname.

Sure that there must be someone else with a similar name to him, Theodore only peered around quickly out of curiosity. He squinted his eyes right back at the woman who was staring at HIM. "Uhh, yeah?" It must be someone from his past but he couldn't quite make her ou.... wait.... "Wait, Hudson?" He could've been wrong since it had been a long time but she certainly had her likeness.
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