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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post

Dahlia really liked to read. If it could capture her attention, she would read it. Sometimes more than once. Okay, most times more than once. She wanted to know things. Not only about the subjects she enjoyed most but about other things too. Things that could help her in life, help her... with her magic. Help her with her feelings. With cooking. With boredom. Learning new crafts. Books could teach her everything.

That's how the past two hours were spent in Flourish and Blotts going through each section that could possible contain a book of interest. Yes, she was taking her sweet sweet time. Dahlia had nothing better to do today.
Ollie didn't really care for books all that much. She was more of a trial-and-error kinda girl. But, if she wanted to be prepared, she better do the proper preparation. So she did. She had all her required books in her hands and decided to grab a few herbology books for her own pleasure. If she was going to have to read about something, might as well make it beneficial to her.

However, Ollie had the worst sense of direction and seemed to lose where she had seen that section.
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