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Originally Posted by Emzily View Post
After buying all of the essentials for her first year at Hogwarts, Remy found herself spending her last galleons and sickles on pointless things. Today, she wanted to find things to decorate her dorm room with, so she arrived at Noltie's Botanical Novelties. A shop she had never been to before but its ambience completely grabbed her attention while walking by. She didn't know much about Herbology but plants had always been very beautiful to Remy.

The blonde stepped inside, grinning ear to ear at the smells and sights of the store. A bit of a greenhouse vibe. She was immediately attracted to the range of toadstools, and she bounced over to browse them.


She was, however, scared to touch them in case they bit her or something. You could never be sure when stepping into a magical shop on the alley! She looked around for maybe someone to help her. Or..... to find someone else to touch them FIRST to see if they did really bite. Her fingers were more important than others, apparently.
Dahlia still had some time left before she was supposed to meet back up with her siblings at the playground. There hadn't been all that many things on her list for the days shopping trip, which was mostly do to the simply fact that she was spending a great deal of time around DA lately.

One of the shops she hadn't really spent very much time in though was this one and it was such a shame. Herbology was something she enjoyed and she was good at it. The little garden area she had of her own at home was lovely this year. As were the plants she had up in her bedroom.

A quick look around the shop wouldn't be a problem. The moment Lia pushed open the door and stepped inside she couldn't help but smile a little bit more than she had been. Maybe she would just walk around and see which plant called out to her the most.

Her feet quickly had her moving around the shop as her blue eyes took in everything, including the girl that looked about her own age. Dahlia gave her a small smile as she stopped to look at the toadstools too. "Hi."
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