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Truly, Xanthe being here made everything so much better! She wanted to hear everything about the blonde's travels and what amazing things she had been up to. So accustomed to be the older sister in most situations, it was nice to have someone who felt like her own older sister and Xanthe's energy was just so beautiful. It was a little disappointing that her and Jackson had only been for fun (of course she was happy that he was happy and had felt the energy between him and Jorgie too) because it was a pairing she really really enjoyed the thought of.

Smiling warmly, Candela giggled at Ash's effervescence. "We are on the same wavelength, you and I, Ash," she giggled with a wink and a flourish of her paintbrush as she dipped it back into the bucket to finish the initial sketch of the wings. "Where do you have your phoenix? Is it animated?" The former Hufflepuff, as they could see, was adorned with her fair share of tattoos - and not all that were visible presently. Right on cue, her animated butterfly tattoo fluttered across her shoulder blades and settled on the roses on her shoulder for a few counts before taking flight again and fluttering to the other shoulder and then down her arm a bit more to the sunflowers. The other little girl (Brenna) received a smile and the fashionista gave her own dandelion curls a playful fluff. "Thank you. I like your curls as well. Lovely little golden ringlets with lots of personality."

Watching as she set to painting some grass, Candela was struck with an idea so their phoenix wouldn't appear so grounded in the end. "Would you like to paint some clouds as well when you are done with the grass? It can be the perfect blend between reality and fantasy. Your grass blending the real grass and drawing the eye to the wall first and then that POP for the sky."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Sweet. Thanks," Baylen chirped with a quick wink to the girl. Here did seem as good a place as anywhere else. "Name's Baylen, by the way. I ... " He was not entirely sure where he was going with that thought...because at first he wanted to tell them both that he admired them for making it through the term, but that was pretty presumptuous. Yes, they were alive and had "made" it in that regard. But there was surviving and then there was SURVIVING, and Baylen knew that some of his dance students were much more one side of that than the other. "...was a Gryffindor a couple of years back. Graduated from WADA. Own a dance studio. You might know a couple of my students."

Also assuming that both of them were Hogwarts students, but it felt like a safe bet.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Of course! There are never too many cooks in the kitchen when there is good work to be done," Jericho grinned as a voluptuous woman approached. She too had this aura about here that was radiant and just the ort of positive vibes that would resonate with both his own and new friend Jackson's. "We're just laying things out to make sure we've got all the pieces we need and construct a deconstructed visual before getting to the real heavy lifting." Just to get her caught up with things and why there were pieces strung across the grass in various positions at the moment. They were joined by another who seemed sweet on his teacup pig and that just set his own heart aflutter and came with her husband in tow. "I'm Jericho and the little Miss on my back is Poppy. A true pleasure and honor to make all of your acquittances."

Speaking of Poppy, he probably should take her off his back in a bit to check her diaper. They were still working on her squealing when she relieved herself in anyway. She seemed to be content and comfortable for now, so it was best to not push that envelope too much.

Jericho was really digging the energies mingling among this group and the air tasted sweeter and fresher because of it. Though Jackson's did feel a bit turbulent still and he attested that to the younger man still trying to reset his mentality with his approach to the tasks at hand. Minor hiccups that merely required sipping a bit of water upside down to fix.

Quickly shuffling his feet to join Jackon in lugging the frame over, he glances at the rest of the group and then to the instructions in his hands. "We could use a couple of someones put together the swing and tire swing bits. Attaching the chains and fortifying those enforcements so we can hang things up once the frame is all put together. Jackson and myself have got one end of the frame. Also a couple of someones could get the other end. Just behind that patch of dandelions over there is the perfect spot for its placement."

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