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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella was kneeling down on the ground trying to gather up her supplies that had fallen out of their bags, her frustration increasing by the minute. It wasn't going as planned, so when someone came over like a shadow offering his help like a hero she could have jumped up on her feet and kissed him or her for offering. Bella didn’t do that though even if she thought it, she just looked up at the boy and beamed brightly. "I'm okay! Yes please, any help is much appreciated. I just need to get my school supplies back into the bags."

Gesturing to the stuff strewn around and the bags she explained hastily. "I didn’t do this on purpose. The bags just slipped out of my sweaty fingers...and the rest is history as they say." Bella was most likely going back to Hogwarts in September since the bad guys were behind bars now. It wasn’t easy to just erase what the Neo-Alliance had done though and the fear she had felt.

Looking down at the fanged frisbee at her feet to not think about the bad guys she shook her head as she met the other boy’s eyes curiously. "No I've actually never played it. I thought it’d be cool to try so i bought it. Have you played a lot of fanged frisbee? Is it easy to play?" Remembering her manners even if it was a little late Bella said "It's nice to meet you Freddie. I'm Isabella or Bella for short."

Freddie smiled down at her, "Sure, I'll help," before kneeling as well to pick up some of her books and things. Looking at some of her books however also got his attention, "Oh, cool you have second year books, I'm also going into second year." He couldn't help the relief that came from knowing this. He had no idea who would even return to the school after last year, he was lucky his parents were okay with him returning.

He blinked at her dilemma not realizing he was gripping the fanged frisbee in his hands, before it made a little snarl, loosening his grip at the sound. "Oh! These are really fun! Me and my twin brother have one back at home and our parents even join in sometimes." His eyes practically lit up at the happy memory. Beaming at getting to know her name next. "That's such a cool name Bella.. say, what house are you in? I'm in Gryffindor, but my twin brother, Frankie, got into Slytherin like my older sister Lucilla. But it's cool." He then remembered he was about to ramble again, "Well, I was curious because we could try to play it out on the grounds."

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