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Originally Posted by Deezerz View Post
Serena was definitely enjoying this newfound independence. Her parents were nearby at the playground with little Xavier. He had grown tired of shopping and needed to let out some energy. To her surprise, her mum suggested Serena go visit the sweets shop on her own. No need to tell her twice.

Walking along the aisles, her baby blue eyes gleamed with the thought of devouring some of these sweets. Stopping by the fudge and some chocolate, Serena wrinkled her nose. “Eww.“
Adam was mostly paying attention to his selection of fudge - peanut butter and peppermint were his first choices today - but looked up when he heard someone mutter EW next to him. At first he thought maybe there was something gross on the ground - like someone threw their candy wrapper on the floor - but then he realized she was talking about the FUDGE. WHAAA? No way!

"You don't like FUDGE?" he asked this newcomer in shock, his blue eyes widening in disbelief.
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