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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Oof. At least she wasn’t alone in her brain freeze mode. She was kinda glad (but also felt bad) that he had gotten brain freeze too. At least they could suffer together. Relief came quicker than expected and she sighed. Lisa was glad when the brain freeze passed. A relief of warmth flooded her mind and then her entire body. It also willed her to take another bite. She’d have to eat more slowly to avoid it. Strawberry was his favourite flavor. “It’s a good one. I like it too.” She nodded and noticed the wince. She didn’t think, at first, it could have been related to the mint until he mentioned that he didn’t like mint. “Ah. That’s fair... I wouldn’t want to eat toothpaste..” she said, eying the ice cream in her hand. Did it actually taste like toothpaste before or did it simply taste MORE like it because he had said it? She turned her nose up slightly before licking the ice cream again. “I like banana milk too but its more popular back home.” That was probably tied for her second favourite ice cream.

Lisa pouted when he mentioned that he didn’t have a trick for brain freezer. “Ah... bummer.” She made a low whistle in disappointment before taking another lick of her ice cream. “There has to be a spell to counter act it right? What if you were able to make your head really warm so that the freeze that you feel gets ... zeroed out?” she supposed as her mind went to work. You’d have to have the right temperature.

It’d be cool.... Do you go to Hogwarts?” she inquired curiously.

Brain freezes were the worst. Alfie sighed in relief as it quickly passed and the cold in his head was replaced by warmth. "Yeah, I've liked strawberry ever since I was little." He was still 'little', but that was besides the point. "Make anything strawberry flavour and I'm pretty sure I would like it." Well, not anything, because that would be disgusting. More like any food. Probably not any food either but... it was complicated. Any sweet food. Yes, that made sense. "I had an experience with that when I was seven. I ate toothpaste. Probably why I don't like mint flavour." He didn't want to talk about it. He was sick for days. Maybe a week... or two. He would probably have to tone down the crazy experimenter in him when he went to Hogwarts. It was magic after all. He didn't want to get boils all over his face or have radishes for feet or anything. Alfie grew up around magic, and he had seen some crazy things. Absolutely crazy. Most things he had seen were so crazy that he was probably desensitised to stuff like that by now.

"That could work." He set his mind to possible ways to counter brain freezes. "Wouldn't making your head too warm be a bit dangerous though?" It didn't really sound like a good idea. You could, quite literally, fry your brain. "I'm starting as a first year this year." Was he excited? Yes. Was he nervous? Yes. What did you get when you combine excited and nervous? Recklessness?

"Do you go to Hogwarts too?"
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