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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Left or right? What was the best route to climb to the top to claim the castle as hers?????


Right. Lisa had finally decided and was about to make her ascent when she saw another girl (whom she assumed was around her age) siting on the monkey bars. Oh. Maybe that was a better place to go too. She’d def be the ruler of the castle on the monkey bars and she’d have the advantage to be ready to defend against others who would try to steal her castle.

It was her castle and she was the KING.

She walked over to the monkey bars and glanced up at the girl. “How did you get up there?” she asked with eyes filled with wonder.
This girl was pretty small... but she looked friendly.

Ollie debated for a moment looking the girl up and down before answering, "I don't think you'll be tall enough to reach. My doctor says I'm tall for my age." She smirked before hopping off the bars to talk to the girl.

She landed less gracefully than she wanted to, but thankfully her hands caught her before her face did.

Standing up, she dusted her hands off before turning and facing the girl. "How old are you anyway?"
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