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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Lia paused her search for a moment, her finger still lightly resting on one of the CD cases as she turned her blue eyes towards Lisa. She knew this question was going to asked. It ALWAYS was. There was noway a conversation about music could be had without asking about about which bands were liked. Normally she would reply with something simple such as 'I like all sorts of music' but today she decide to give an actual answer. "Well I like TDK, The Sirens, The Kings & Serpents, Guns N' Roses, Pat Benatar and Patty Smyth to name a few." Or more than a few but the girl had asked.

Huh? Now it was Lia's turn to be surprised. Had the girl just said she was here looking for her cousin's album? But that's kinda what she, herself was doing right now. A small smile tugged at her lips. "My cousin is in a band, I'm not sure if his bands album would be in this shop either but it be... my big sister used to be in a band when she was young. I know they had recorded a few songs here in the back at one time." That was waaaaaaay before she had even been born though! Or had she been a little baby? Either way it was a long long time ago.

Lia had the urge to lean away when the girl lean closer but she didn't. And she couldn't help but grin a little and glance around the shop herself. "A hiding spot.. well.. there's probably a lot around here if you're careful not to knock anything over." Since the girl was small like herself she was sure to fit into a whole lot more places. "I could help you find a few, if you want?" With four siblings of her own at home, hid and seek was a game they played often too.

If she could fit into a hiding spot then the other girl would have no trouble fitting into the same spot. It would work out perfectly if they stuck together in helping one another hide.
Lisa didn't know many of the bands except Pat Benatar and Guns N'Roses rang a bell. She had heard those before for sure. She nodded her little head. "I know a FEW of those names!!" And TDK sounded oddly familiar. She swore that she saw an album of theirs in the her eldest brother's room. She took it that he was a big fan.

Her eyebrows raised when Lia mentioned that her cousin was in a band too. OH WOW! How cool. What a weird but incredibly cool coincidence. The whole thing made her smile grow bigger. "Neato! What's the name of the band that he's in?" she asked before her eyes widened that her sister was in a band. Wow. So this girl's family was insanely talented. "Are you in a band too?"

She nodded, listening to the older girl's advice about this location having several hiding places. Good. Good. This was all good information to hear and learn. She nodded again for good measure to show that she was listening as her eyes scanned the scene. Lisa turned back to the older grin and BEAMED even more when she mentioned that she could help her hide. "Thanks! That'd be great. I'm Lisa Nam by the way."
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