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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Jackson inwardly sighed at himself. Good work, now his sister thought that he thought that she was dating Cooper. How did he get himself out of this hole? "I know you arenít dating Cooper okay? I just suggested a camera since I bet Cooper has more than one photo book already, and a camera would be different. You're right though, itís not his birthday or anything so pick some cool glowing pencils or something instead. Itís up to you Gemma, you know Cooper best." Jackson was just trying to be helpful, but if she didnít want his suggestions then he could go look at quidditch books just saying.

Getting a little defensive and hurt by Gemmaís comment Jackson muttered back "Dad reads comics too you know? You are never too old to read a really good comic book dad says." Turning his back on his sister Jackson turned the comic book around so he could read what it was about. Focusing on that he didnít respond to Gemmaís explanation about origami. He instead turned back to answer his sister about the tattoo place. "I was thinking about getting a tattoo with mumís name on it, but now I'm more interested in candy. Shall we go to Sugarplums and buy some chocolate frogs and jelly slugs?"

Gemma did like the idea of a boyfriend, but she wasn't going to tell her brother that and right now it wasn't something she was thinking about. She thought about how much her mum would have been in her business about a boy and how excited she probably would have been by Gemma liking a boy. She knew her mother would have been so nosy and had her cats following her throughout the term if she liked someone and all these were making tears go down her cheeks without her realizing it at first. She wasn't even going to remark about the glowing pencils, were they little kids at one of their dad's book fairs?

She wiped her eyes really quickly and hoped he didn't see before turning and grabbing a few books. "Yeah, yeah, boys and comics." She didn't get it, though she liked a few of them. She rather read wizarding mystery novels or even some nonfiction travel books. Those were more interesting and took longer.

A tattoo was interesting, but Gemma wasn't sure she could think about it. "Are you old enough?" Honestly she wasn't even sure how old you had to be for those, she never thought about them. Candy sounded okay, but would she see people there that would look at them with pity? She nodded an okay about going, "Chocolate Frogs sound good."
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