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Default open! brief mention to the duos in here :3
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Summer was taking its toll on ZachaŽl. Specifically on his hair. He supposed that it was unfair to blame the meltdown this morning exclusively on the summer. But it was also shallow to shoulder it on to the Neo Alliance and the stress their existence had thrust upon him the past year abouts. But it had been there. Right there on the left side of his head and just a bit above his earlobe.

A grey hair.

Without even thinking about it, ZachaŽl had plucked the monstrosity from his curly blocks just as one would a gnome from your garden. He even went so far as to throw it out the window and into the wind, never to be been or heard from AGAIN. Thankfully his melt down had been of the silent variety and his partner had barely stirred before ZachaŽl had returned to bed with their morning coffees and the Prophet to read their respective favorite sections while still in bed.

His supply low and without the time nor resources this week to travel to France on a whim to purchase more of his favorites, the Owl Post shopkeeper arrived in Madam Primpernelle's dressed modestly as opposed to a bold print but still with his signature crimson towel draped over his left shoulder and with one of the owl post owls, a barn owl, perched on his shoulder.

Moving swiftly and passing by various pairs of teenage girls, a polite 'pardon me' muttered while doing so, the former Slytherin made a direct approach to the hair products and instantly began picking them up and inspecting the ingredients lists on each. Were any of these vegan?

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