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SPOILER!!: Aboli ^_^
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Abol drummed her fingers against the counter as she waited, patiently, and smiled when the woman appeared. The smile did not quite reach her eyes, but she did her best to look okay these days.

"Yes, ma'am," she said gently. "That's me." She was soooos os sosososoos eager to get started, and she tucked some of her blonde-but-brown-roots-showing hair behind her ears.

Vitani returned the younger woman’s smile with a slight one of her own, though she couldn’t help but notice that the smile didn’t reach her eyes. She didn’t think much of it. After all, it was her job to provide body art, not pry into her clients’ lives. “You’re right on time,” she replied. Well, technically a few minutes early, but she’d much rather have an early client than a late one. Time is money, you know.

Aiming her wand, Vitani unlocked the door to the tattoo parlor with a spell and held the door open for the other woman. “This way, please,” she said. “Have a seat in the big chair.” As she waited for her client to get situated, she crossed the room to the supply cart and began taking careful inventory of her supplies. “What sort of tattoo are we doing today?”

SPOILER!!: Claudine & Ashley ^_^
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SPOILER!!: Ash & Vitani <3

Claudine could not agree more as she knew instinctively that Ashley was referring to The Room. Darn that Room. She hated it then and always would and could not wait for the memories of it to fade. One way to help with that was by creating new, happy memories. Or so she hoped.

Ha. If Ashley only knew that up until last summer Claudine lived in a mansion. The Blaze Mansion on the outskirts of London to be precise so she was quite rich and all. Well, she had been but since the girl was keen on distancing herself from her family after the entire fiasco/battle at Hogwarts. All she had to her name now were some galleons and her summer job which she had taken up to help add to her savings. Yes, there was a vault at Gringotts in her name but since she wasn’t of age, she was sure that by the time her family caught on that she didn’t intend to return home, they would empty it.

The sixteen year old approved of Ashley’s choice and she said so. “You’d make the coolest pirate ever,’’ came an enthusiastic reply. Then she was laughing. “Seems as though you like everything.’’ Which wasn’t a bad thing, you know. “Some day, you’ll have to create a tattoo for me. I mean, I’m not looking for a real one but a temporary one would be very neat. And maybe someday you’ll have your own tattoo parlour.” Since Ashley loved it so much here, Claudine wouldn’t be surprised if the other girl decided to open a parlour or maybe even take over this one. All she knew was that she was glad to see Ashley enjoying herself so much. The Ravenclaw had come a long way from being the sad girl from last term.


She’d better select something for herself. But what did she want? Maybe the shopkeeper would help? Ohh. DIY Kits. “Thank you for the welcome. That discount sounds like a bargain.’’ Claudine shifted her attention to the kits. The bracelet kits were very particularly interesting to her. “By the way, my friend here loves your shop a lot.”
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SPOILER!!: Claudine & Vitani

"And a stylish pirate. And I would walk into a room, and people would just be like Wow. She's so cool and awesome." Yes, Ash dreamed of being a inspiring and sparkly chandelier in a room full of normal people. And this tattoo shop was way boosting her happiness right now. "I do love everything! And I would totally design the way coolest fake tattoo ever." She would. Truth.

Ooooh, the person in charge here. Ash gave Vitani major puppy eyes. Or heart eyes. You get the point. This place was awesome. "I love it allll!" She beamed. This. Was. Paradise. Yayyyyy. Ash was in like the happiest dream ever, and she did NOT want to wake up.
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

You know what?

Claudine agreed that Ashley would make the coolest pirate ever. Whereas the younger girl wanted to be the center of attention, Claudine could never see herself wanting that. She hated to be in the spotlight and didn’t like attention on her. Well, except Heath’s. “There are Halloween parties at Hogwarts at times. Maybe you can dress as a pirate at some point.’’

Claudine chuckled as she watched Ashley interact with the shopkeeper. “Better watch out there, Miss, or else someday Ashley’s going to take over the business.” That wouldn’t be a bad thing though. “Hey, Ashley. I’m thinking of getting a DIY bracelet kit. Want to help me make a few bracelets later on?”

As Vitani adjusted the sign in the window display, she overheard bits of the two girls’ conversation, and a small smile formed on her face. Her smile grew as the older girl (Claudine) spoke to her. Such a polite girl! Finally satisfied with the sign’s position, she turned away from the window. “Thank you,” she replied, her eyes following the girl to the DIY kits. “I have more kits in the back if you don’t see what you want.”

Which reminded her, she needed to unpack the boxes of kits and arrange them in a tasteful display. Maybe in a pyramid shape? Never mind… she could do that later when she didn’t have customers to help.

Vitani had to appreciate the younger girl’s (Ashley) enthusiasm. That enthusiasm earned her a beam in return (and the puppy dog eyes helped too). This girl had excellent taste! She even reminded Vitani a bit of herself at that age. “I’m glad you approve,” she said with a slight smile. Her eyes darted from the younger girl to the shelf full of DIY kits, and an idea occurred to her. “Might I interest you in a design-your-own tattoo kit?” With a wave of her wand, she summoned a box off the shelf. “This kit has everything you need to make five temporary tattoos.”

The other girl’s words got a slight smirk from Vitani. “Maybe someday,” she mused, imagining the younger girl- Ashley - running her shop. She didn’t expect to leave Paradise any time soon - at least not unless her lagging art career made a sudden comeback - but she could think of much worse people to hand over her shop to… like her lying ex-husband. Or that lazy former student of hers.
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