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SPOILER!!: Kalen & Anna!
Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
He had gotten to his feet when someone approached and started talking to Anna. Clearly the two knew each other well. A different guy might have been intimidated or jealous of this fact. Kalen? He was too obtuse and drained to catch the intimacy in the other man’s words. Still he sort of looked at the guy with a ‘durrr’ face for a moment because it took him a second to remember they were meeting Anna’s friend here. Also, he had been addressed as ‘the boyfriend,’ something Anna hadn’t really addressed him as much (if at all). ”Right…Chase…” He took the man’s hand and gave it a firm one-two shake before letting it go. ”Kalen Weiland, the…ah…boyfriend?” Yes, his voice rose a little at the end there as he glanced over at Anna to make sure that was alright to say. ”I was getting drinks…can I get you something?” He reached down and shoved his school books over to the side so the guy had room at the table.
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
And THEN a wild Chase appeared! Anna beamed and shot up to greet her old friend with a hug. She still found it funny how he kept calling her 'his Captain', as it'd been such a long time since she wasn't Captain anymore. Still, that was very much appreciated especially as her mother made her give it up, pfff. "It's great to see you too! It's been SO long!!" TOO LONG!

It was only when she released Chase from the hug and looked at Kalen while her friend addressed her boyfriend that she noticed the look on the latter's face. See, it was what she was talking about earlier. Obliviously adorable! So she chuckled again, of course. The two guys were being the polite type and introducing themselves without her having to say anything, which was nice. Hopefully this meant they would get along nicely and they could all have a great time together!

Taking her seat again, she gestured for Chase too join her as Kalen was going to get them their drinks. "So tell me what's new with you!!!" She wanted to know EVERYTHING!

He eagerly returned Anna’s hug with the widest of grins. It was so so so good to see her. Seeing her brought him back to his time at Hogwarts with her, Anahera, Lucas, Kam, and Maeve... and even Beau and scary Kowlaski. He chuckled. “It has been too long. You’ve grown taller,” he teased with a boyish grin before stepping back a little to turn to Kalen.

Chase found Kalen’s facial expression and referring to himself as the boyfriend a little comical but he didn’t let that show instead he just offered the guy a friendly smile. He could instantly tell that Kalen was a good guy - a little awkward perhaps but he could be awkward too. He smiled at Kalen and pointed to himself. “Chang-Woo Spenley but I go by Chase these days. Anna’s second in command as a Chaser on the team. Now retired from Hogwarts Quidditch and am a singer-songwriter. A pleasure, Kalen.

Ohhohoho Yess.. Kalen was getting brownie points because he offered CHASE a beverage before he could? 50 points to whichever house Kalen belonged too as Chase didn’t know. He’d have to ask that when he returned. “Uh... you sure? A cappuccino would be lovely. Thanks.

As Kalen cleared an area and then Anna motioned for him to join, Chase couldn’t say no and took a seat just in time to hear Anna’s question. He ran a hand through his hair casually (a habit that he had picked up from babysitting his younger cousins). “Uhhhhhhhhhhh.... There’s a lot.... he began not sure where to begin. “Where to begin.... Not sure if you remember... I’m adopted so Lucas and Beth came back with me to find my birth mother. My birth father was a dick so he’s gonzo... completely out of the picture but I have awesome cousins and an awesome Mum. Still love my adopted parents. They are my real parents, y’know.” It had been a rather weird summer. Oof. Major life updates indeed. “I am single so that’s a change. I was engaged but... I needed to figure some things out with Maeve and I... I think we’re better separate.” Besides, he still was coming to terms with his feelings for his best friend and that was all rather amazing but also super complicated. Sometimes he felt like a teenager again. “But I’m a singer songwriter. I have released two albums. Recently just come back from a trip to South Korea to go find myself cause I kinda fell of the bandwagon so you could say.... I’m well...” Sorta. Kinda. Maybe? He just had to keep telling himself that.

What about you? How did you and your boyfriend meet?” Chase wanted to know all the information.

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