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Addison wiggled happily in her chair like a little girl that was just given a large bowl of her favorite ice cream. Well technically this was nearly true. In a little while she would be getting her favorite ice cream, only in the form of cake. "Yeeeeees! Have I ever told you have amazing you are?" she laughed. If the excitement in her voice wasn't clear before it was now.

"You wouldn't dare because than you would be going right back out to get another one." This was a fact. The blonde eyed him in a playful yet very serious manner. The boyfriend knew better than to mess around when it came to ice cream cake. "Isn't that one of the best forms of spoiling? Food?" As long as she was remaining healthy of course and not getting herself sick.

Her food intake had surely slowed down a great deal but she was still eating. "I don't know how you did it but this was wonderful!," the blonde praised him yet again as she finally finished as much as she could manage to. "I couldn't eat anymore if I tried." Not if she wanted to save some room in her stomach for dessert.
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