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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Being a dad was great. Really. It was really great. Zander Adair had no complaints. (Zander Adair had a few complaints). But for the most part, it was great. (Mostly great). Also great was getting to take a day off, which usually consisted of running errands and therefore was not, truly, a day off at all.

But today was a TRUE day off. One where he could simply kick back, throw down a butterbeer or two, and enjoy the company of a few of his pals. Pals who would get here sometime soon, yeah? Zander checked his watch just to be sure. Thankfully, fatherhood hadn't warped his perception of time. (Though it had warped his perception of alone-time, but that's a whole different beast entirely). Er. Yeah.

He debated getting up and ordering a drink for himself as he waited, but ultimately decided to sit down at one of the large tables. Wouldn't want anyone to snag it, y'know? It'd be terrible luck if they didn't have a place to sit. So here he sat, by himself. Twiddling his thumbs. Worrying about his children who were with his wife. Worrying about his wife who was with his children. There were enough worries to go around! And.... Uh. That's on fatherhood, apparently.
With his usual flair and confident grin plastered on his face, Ethan Mordaunt welcomed himself inside the Leaky Cauldron with a handful of shopping bags in one hand. He and Josie had been shopping for their trip to France, while their three-month-old baby was left in the care of his able grangran and gramps Mordaunt. Strutting his way around, he'd easily spotted the unmistakeable blondie who was sat alone. The guy was Zander Adair...'zandering' away all by himself.

"What's got your knickers in a bunch, mate?" Ethan announced his presence with his usual boyish smile. A smile that he hadn't used in a long while. "Come 'ere Zanderman! Give this new dad a hug!" he said stretching out his arms for him.

It's been so long, but he was as loud as before.

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