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What a mess......

Waterworks threatened to fall down V’s eyes and Lisa knew that look all too well... Fight or Flight. V flew... which Lisa hadn’t been expecting but noted that as an interesting observation. Perhaps she was embarrassed by her own behaviour which if it were Lisa... She certainly would be. The again she couldn’t help but feel a little bad for V. The other girl had been kind to her (and a snob too) so had she really deserved the harsh talking? And was it seriously harsh words?


V fled the scene, leaving Lisa and Daniel standing close-ish. She felt like she was going to be sick from the uneasy feeling dwelling in her stomach and toes. She just wanted to run after V and apologize buuuuut then again- part of her didn’t. V had totally been out of line with pushing Batman. Her eyes quickly flicked to Skewer Boy-Batman who looked like he was still shocked that she had said something. She sighed and turned to watch V’s retreating figure. However, she didn’t let V’s sudden departure phase her. Of course, she felt guilty, doubt, and just terrible on the inside but she wasn’t going to show it. Instead, she just folded her arms. She wasn’t in the wrong, was she? She had just spoken the truth.

Daniel’s comment did not sit well with her. She stared at him. “I DON’T run away.” Pause. Oh he said run after? She flushed, embarrassed that she had misheard him. “And I shouldnt run after her.....She has a temper...It’s better to let her calm down before she pushes someone else or blows down someone’s house.... If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t want to do anything but hug my brother’s cat.” She looked to the ground and kicked a couple of loose pebbles and more quietly added. “I didn’t do anything wrong... i was just telling the truth.” She shrugged. She’d write an apology to V later IF she felt guilty (which she probably would). “BESIDES I want skewers AND popcorn. No tantrum is going to stop me from getting them.... And yes, I feel bad. I made the situation worse,” she said, following his lead to turn abruptly. Hmph. Two could play that game. She even stuck her nose up higher in the air to make herself appear taller but this kid had at least five inches on her. Hmph. She bit down on her lip to stop it from wobbling.

She was about to walk away but stopped herself. “I’m sorry that she pushed you or didn’t offer you popcorn... I’m going to get popcorn. Do you want popcorn or skewers?” she said, hopefully offering the boy a peace treaty for the mess that just had occurred and the mess that they had all contributed too. She’d bring popcorn for V later....

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