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Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Red? Or just a darker brown? Or...maybe blonde?

Ivy wrinkled her nose. Yeah, no, she didn’t think she’d be able to pull that off. She put the blonde hair color potion back on the shelf and continued scanning the others. Sticking with natural hair colors was probably the best idea, especially for her first time changing her hair, but she couldn’t help but be drawn to some of the wild, brighter colors too. Like the purple shades. Or pink or blue or...any of them really. They all looked pretty.

But she hadn’t exactly run this idea by her parents yet, and they would probably be more okay with it if she stuck to something natural first. And she thought she'd like it more if she did too.

But maaaybe...maybe she could still buy one of them just in case she wanted to try them in the future? Did it have an expiration date?

Ivy grabbed one of the dark purple shades, turning the bottle around to look for one. "Hmm..."
This was only Misa's second time in Diagon Alley. But her mum was working late that night and her brother had plans so here she was. Alone. Friendless. In a new country she did not want to be in. Wandering the aisles of Beauty products. Alas, looking "pretty" seemed to transcend country lines.

She glanced at a girl who looked to be about her age to see what she was picking up. She was curious what the "cool" products were here. If she was going to fit in, she had to start as soon as possible. Right?

If her dad were still around he'd remind her that teenage culture and cliques weren't long term.

But, if her dad we still around, she'd be in France still where she knew how to get by.
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