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Originally Posted by natekka View Post
Bliss beamed once again at the sight of Theodore Kinsley bounding through the door and heading towards her. “Here am I!” She laughed and stood up as he approached, opening her arms for a hug. She was as tiny as she’d ever been, standing at a mighty five feet and three and a half inches tall, and Theo was, well, much taller than her, so there was a noticeable difference in height between the pair. “Don’t worry about it, Theo,” she said, brushing off his apology. “I’m just happy you’re here!” Truly she was. Being a mother of five who also had a full-time job, it wasn’t very often that she got a chance to socialise and catch up with friends, so any time she managed to get was special to her.

She chuckled when he trailed off, having spotted her drink. “Don’t be silly,” she laughed lightly when he apologised again. “I would have ordered for you, too, but I wasn’t sure what you would be in the mood for.” She sat back down. “Do you want to order food while we’re here, by the way?” Because she certainly did.

“Mhm, no. Unfortunately not. Blue had to work, Laini’s at a playgroup and the other four are at their friends’ houses.” When her children had gotten old enough for such things, she had NO idea, but it made her emotional to think about.
Theodore offered a one armed hug to Bliss, it wasn't like she needed more than that with their height difference. He pulled her in, pressing his ear onto the top of her head. "Good to see you." He said. Actually, it was really good to see her. Theodore hadn't seen a friend in a while. Pulling apart from the hug, he sat and joined her properly. "Ahh, yeah, sure. Let's get some food." He was a little strapped for cash but this was a special occasion. Theo glanced through the menu. Everything sounded disgusting interesting. He decided to go for a healthy option, since he was starting to put a bit of a belly on. "I think I'll go for the Veggie Fidelius Flatbread... it's the only option with 'veggie' in the title." He laughed shortly. Nah, it was sad really.

"Ah, you're spending your day off without the kids with me then?" Theo grinned. He's so special. "Well, say hello to her for me, won't you?" To Blue, that is. Theodore raised his hand and signalled for the waiter to come over. "Oh, wait, are you ready?" He quickly asked Bliss.


"How's it going, then? Since the last time I saw you." It had been a few months, long enough to forget what his friends were up to. Long enough to forget their job titles. Long enough to forget their kids' ages. SIGH.
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