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The balcony located on the fourth floor is one of the few balconies in the castle. In an opening along the corridor, on the opposite side of the castle from the library, is where you can find this particular balcony. If you ever need a break from doing that lengthy Arithmancy homework or need a place to relax with a friend, this balcony is a great place to get a few minutes of fresh air before getting back to work again.

You will notice that you are approaching the balcony when you can feel a slight change in temperature. During the autumn and spring seasons, the breezes that come through this opening are inviting. The winter months, however, bring forth a chill, even with the nearby torches being lit. No matter the temperature, the fourth-floor balcony always provides some of the most breathtaking sights of the grounds below and mountains beyond as well as a clear view of the Whomping Willow in all of her glory. Keep note that it does get a little wet here when it rains, so make sure you conjure an umbrella.