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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Contact made, Victor made good on that intention and pulled the other man to him a bit for that one armed hug. Perfectly comfortable with this sort of thing, he release Daichi much sooner than he would have liked. The glance towards his eyepatch was not missed, nor was that tattoo, and the Spaniard simply chuckled in response. "Bit of Dark magic during the battle. Need to administer eye drops a couple of times a day and keep it covered as exposure to light could weaken the effects. They are trying to save my eyesight." Victor appreciated their optimism but he felt too practical for that. Deep down he just knew that these attempts were futile, but as long as there was even a glimmer of a chance then he would go for it.

So, no need for Daichi to need to worry about coming across as rude. Victor was mostly an open book the majority of the time.

"Some of my students think I've taken to life as a pirate." Which he hammed up a bit. If playing up the imagination helped the younger Stemp House children cope, then he would be the best pirate there had ever been. "That is good to hear," he nodded, brown eyes drifting towards the menu and nodding again. "I'll order myself something and be with you shortly in that case. Would you like to share any sides? My treat."
The one armed hug was not what he had expected and Daichi had to place his free hand on the table when he got pulled closer in order to support himself. Feeling slightly flustered, the former Slytherin sat back down in his seat.

Well, that had been awkward. Sorry Victor.

”Do you believe it will heal again?” He asked after Victor had explained his part about the eyepatch. Would he be going blind in one eye if it did not? Had the curse hit him when he had attempted to get him to safety during the battle? Daichi placed his hands in his lap and squeezed them a little. He’d feel guilty if that had been the case.

”You teach?” he asked as he looked away from the eyepatch and automatically his gaze went right back. That was interesting. He did not look the type to be a teacher. But he guessed he should not judge a book by its cover. ”I've never met a pirate before though" he could already see his son rolling his eyes at this lame comment.

He too looked over at the menu and was about to open his mouth and suggest getting a side dish when Victor had the same idea. His treat? … It was true that he had not received his paycheck for the month yet… ”Some chips?” he answered. He couldn’t spoil his dinner after all.
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