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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
What – was – she – doing? He batted at her hand a little until he realized what was going on and then gave up. In all honesty? It felt nice to have someone take care of him for a change. He’d spent the last few weeks taking care of others and so he finally gave in and let Anna clean him up. ”Thanks,” he said without a hint of embarrassment.

”Why would I read the same things over and over again when there are so many new things to learn and read?” he asked, again without a hint of animosity. Kalen was a hard person to get riled up. It just wasn’t his nature, partially because he often didn’t know if or when he was being insulted. ”Charms…ex-ex-aammm…” he said yawning. ”Is next week.” Only a few more terms of school and he would be done. It was his new mantra. Then came job hunting. He hoped he could find a team looking for a healer because he did not want to go back to St. Mungos. No, he might keep his chicken costume before going back there.

”No, and I am not looking forward to going back tomorrow.” He was a little loath to admit it, but if he couldn’t tell Anna who could he tell? ”Emergency healing is not for me. Well, not emergency healing like that.” Because sports healing was emergency healing just not….emergency healing. Injuries were often common and expected and it was easy to diagnosis what was wrong and figure out treatment. ”You never know what was going to come through the doors next Anna. I spent 3 hours trying to get rid of horns. Yes, horns on someone’s head this morning!”

As for the cookie? Well, Anna was always hungry. Like him. Scratch that. Like he usually was. He didn’t have much of an appetite at the moment. ”Right…something hot –“ He started to get up from the table. ”Like me….” because despite being sleepy and tired and exhausted, Kalen still had a sense of humor and he did enjoy making Anna laugh.

He had gotten to his feet when someone approached and started talking to Anna. Clearly the two knew each other well. A different guy might have been intimidated or jealous of this fact. Kalen? He was too obtuse and drained to catch the intimacy in the other man’s words. Still he sort of looked at the guy with a ‘durrr’ face for a moment because it took him a second to remember they were meeting Anna’s friend here. Also, he had been addressed as ‘the boyfriend,’ something Anna hadn’t really addressed him as much (if at all). ”Right…Chase…” He took the man’s hand and gave it a firm one-two shake before letting it go. ”Kalen Weiland, the…ah…boyfriend?” Yes, his voice rose a little at the end there as he glanced over at Anna to make sure that was alright to say. ”I was getting drinks…can I get you something?” He reached down and shoved his school books over to the side so the guy had room at the table.
Anna couldn't help but chuckle - as it was her usual around Kalen - at his half-sleepy reaction. Kalen was generally slow even when fully awake - which was adorable, of course - but he was extra obtuse when tired and it was, obviously, extra adorable. She wasn't going to tell him that as she felt like she did it too often already, although it was the truth. So she simply chuckled and moved on. "No problem." Haha!

"Hmmm, good point." And they had exams next week!? After all that had ben going on!? Granted, it had been a few months since the big kick off, but still, didn't they take into consideration how it all might've affected the students mentally, if nothing else!? Sweet Merlin, she was glad she hadn't gone to uni! Anna didn't think Quidditch was brutal - though it could be, but she liked that kind of brutality, ehe -, but that uni was being just downright CRUEL. Her opinion, of course. "Do you think you're... up for it?" She asked, eyeing him carefully. He was basically sleepwalking around, was he not? Not a good state to take exams in!

See, he wasn't looking forward to going back to St Mungos, so maybe the whole uni thing was too much as well? Anna was just guessing, as she had never experienced anything like that. She listened as he explained about his day so far. "That sounds stressful." She said, still looking closely at him. Was it all a bit too much for him at the moment? Was he about to lose it? "Don't you get days off?" Did he need her to talk to some people?? Because she would! Only, she could imagine having your girlfriend burst into your boss's office wasn't the best thing to happen to somebody. Still, she'd be up for that sounded kind of fun too, actually, heh.

At his 'hot like him' comment she, again, couldn't help but snort. "Obviously." She joined in the joke, only it was true, y'know. He wasn't too bad to look at, if she said so herself.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Of course Chang-Woo Spenley would have been at the location in a heartbeat to see one of his best friends and gleefully but gently grill her boyfriend. If she asked him to go the distance or jump, he’d ask his Captain just how high. Once a Quidditch Gryffindor player, always one. And he was Chaser Chase.

But anyway - the boyfriend that he had heard about seemed nice yet still it was his duty as a true friend to do this task and be hard on him. After all - he had to put his friend’s significant other through the gauntlet like any good friend would. Dressed in a simple white button down shirt paired with jeans with lazy sunglasses thrown on the top of his head haphazardly so they were skewed slightly on a diagonal, he walked down there streets of Diagon Alley. He was in full nostalgia mode as the walk brought back memories of both happier and sad times all rolled into an informative and developmental seven year journey. The singer now hadn’t played Quidditch in months or used his wand in a while as he had integrated himself into the muggle lifestyle... Though it was still nice to come into Diagon Alley once in a while and just reminisce. Unfortunately he had been away and out of the country for the war that had transpired; however, they did have smaller repercussions in South Korea too. He had to duel a few of them and he was VERY rusty.

Chase walked into the coffee shop and saw his dear friend and her boyfriend immediately. His bunny smile lit up his whole face as he walked over to greet them. “Captain. My Captain! Good to see you,” he beamed. “And you must be the boyfriend. Chase Spenley. Chaser Chase. Anna’s third most trusted Chaser.” He threw a wink at his friend before extending his hand to her boyfriend so that they could shake hands.
And THEN a wild Chase appeared! Anna beamed and shot up to greet her old friend with a hug. She still found it funny how he kept calling her 'his Captain', as it'd been such a long time since she wasn't Captain anymore. Still, that was very much appreciated especially as her mother made her give it up, pfff. "It's great to see you too! It's been SO long!!" TOO LONG!

It was only when she released Chase from the hug and looked at Kalen while her friend addressed her boyfriend that she noticed the look on the latter's face. See, it was what she was talking about earlier. Obliviously adorable! So she chuckled again, of course. The two guys were being the polite type and introducing themselves without her having to say anything, which was nice. Hopefully this meant they would get along nicely and they could all have a great time together!

Taking her seat again, she gestured for Chase too join her as Kalen was going to get them their drinks. "So tell me what's new with you!!!" She wanted to know EVERYTHING!
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