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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
The little ball of the popcorn container hit the back of Catherine's head with a dull thunk. The popcorn and kernels left in the bottom of the container flew out on impact, scattering into her hair and down her back. Catherine flinched as this happened, reaching her free hand to the back of her head to feel the sticky popcorn stuck there.


She whipped around to where the projectile had come from while trying to get some of the popcorn out of her hair, but she didn't see Atlas for a moment.

When Quinn heard the container hit his mother, he let out the tiniest squeak. Atlas was in for it now. But then Atlas was next to him, and he barely processed what Atlas said before he ripped his arm out of his mother's semi-distracted grip. He wanted to go. Atlas was who he wanted to go with. He wanted to be around Atlas forever and ever.

And then they were running. And his hand was in Atlas's. And it felt right.

A split second too late Catherine noticed Atlas was beside her. Before she could tighten her hold on her son he had ripped it away, causing her to stumble.

"QUINN! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" she shrieked as she regained her composure. But they had gotten lost in the crowd.


Quinn could hear his mother's shrill cries as they made their way through the crowd. It reminded him of the cockatrices they dealt with last termóthat was the first day he knew he would be Atlas's friend forever. That was when they promised each other. No lies.

Quinn felt that light of summer in his heart now, running with Atlas, not knowing where they were going but knowing it would be better than where he came from. Quinn could go live at Atlas's house with Aries and Andromeda and Mr. Flamsteed and Mrs. Flamsteed and he would be around magic and brightness and people that cared about him and that he cared about and he could bake for them and start a garden in their backyard and he could visit his Gram whenever he wanted and... and... and.....

...then reality set in. He could hear another shriek from his mother behind him, closer than the last. He slowed his running a bit. "Atlas... where are we going?"
Atlas had done his share of crazy things. Most of them had been due to the influence of Aries and his entirely voluntary reluctant desire to appease his brother's shenanigans while indulging his own curiosity. Attempting to be superheroes and defy the laws of gravity (WITH capes), playing Chubby Bunny with marshmallows or whatever food they could find in the pantry, playing 'hide the pet rock' without letting dad in on the game, and the craziest of all shenanigans, confuse astronomy with astrology and Star Wars with Star Trek in front of dad.

But this was crazy. Really crazy. And Atlas was not one to do things on this much of a whim and make things up as he went along. He liked to read through the entire LEGO instructions first to see how every single piece would fit together to create the end structure and then go back and reread it a second or third time just because. Also lay out all the pieces in order of use before starting. This was particularly important with robotics and making sure one did not have any screws loose.

"I...I..." That was a million galleon question, Quinn, and this Gryffindor had absolutely no idea where he was going with this. "...Idon'tknow..." Was that a bad thing to admit at this time? Probably. Absolutely. He just knew that they needed to get AWAY from that woman and her clutches because she was giving off some serious bad vibes and her sharp face and menacing grip reminded him a little too much of a grindylow...and he would not let her drown his best friend! "My dad!" exclaims as though this was the most ingenious thought ever. "At the Ministry! He'll know what to do!"

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