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”I heard that some of the Neo-Alliance had escaped from that place” he said, shaking his head in disbelieve. ”Not only is it a terrible place but security is terrible at their job! I would have fired them a long time ago” he crossed his arms over each other and huffed, thinking that the security were humans.

But the topic on tattoos seemed to be something that they both enjoyed. He personally did not think he’d ever want one but he did appreciate art. Too bad he was a bad drawer though. His only flaw LOL . ”I like the phoenix” he admitted. ”It suits your name since phoenixes are reborn from the ashes!” And after everything she had went through last year he supposed that she had been reborn again. She did have a point about that if she got magical tattoos that she could not show muggles ”But wouldn’t it be cooler to have a magical tattoo though?”

Minjae looked from his brother to Ashley and gave her a ‘you can tell the truth, you know’ look because he doubted that Daniel was not bothering her. He then placed the cauldron down on the ground behind the bench as it was getting heavy and leaned forward to see the fake tattoo that Ashley was showing. ”Cool” he said with a small smile. He straightened his back and thought for a moment. ”I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo myself actually” he admitted , ignoring Daniel’s look of ‘MOM AND DAD ARE GOING TO KILL YOU’ ”What do you think will fit me?” he asked the girl. ”Oh! Before i forget, Ash , do you have a phone?”

Ash laughed at little bit inside. She didn't want to offend Daniel or anything, but he was NOT in charge of the wizarding government just because he was way rich. She was also way rich, and the wizarding government had gone right ahead and let Rosier come into power anyway. But she let the kid have dreams. Ultimate world domination was a fun one. Yup.

Tattoos though. Tattoos tattoos tattoos. Tattoos. Tattoos tattoos. Tattoos...
"Exactly! It fits the name, and the symbol. Makes way sense. So when people ask me about my tattoo, I get to give a big-inspiring-speech. And they will look impressed." And at the end, she would stand in a cool pose and walk away, and people would be in awe. Having people look up to her. What a fun dream. Yup.

Ash cackled. Hehehe, Minjae was getting a tattoo, and he was asking her for advice. Let's have fun with this, shall we? "You could get a big dragon sleeve tattoo like most people. Or you could just have the word "Muggles." tattooed on your forearm in black and make people winder what that means to you and why. Or, you could get a tiny frowny face on your ankle and confuse people. Or you could get a video game character, and tell people around here that they are a famous wizard who did something great for humanity. How confusing do you want to be here?" Ash smirked. "I can't pick. Daniel, what do you think?" HAHAHAHA. Anyone thinking Ash was going to give normal answers to this question was dead wrong. "I think I would go for the video game character. You couldn't show muggles because it would be cringy, but imagine some random wizard. He doesn't know what video games are. He thinks this is a historical figure. He freaks out trying to figure out who he forgot and if it is going to be important to his job. But you explain it to him after a while, so that you don't accidentally drive him crazy or anything." Wasn't that a great idea? She didn't think Minjae would like it though. In her dreams. Yup.

Ash rolled her eyes at Minjae jokingly. "Of course I have a phone." Duh. She was thirteen. How was she supposed to tell her bodyguards to pick her up from the beach after she had snuck out to go surfing with her friends? How? Was she supposed to bring her owl to the beach? Explain, Minjae. "Do YOU have a phone?" Maybe not, but he was like, wayyy rich, and like, an adult now, so he probably did. And a muggleborn. "What for?" Were they going to exchange numbers so that they could talk about video games? To be honest, Ash didn't know that much about Minjae other than he was rich and he liked video games. That was about it. Maybe he was going to be a gamer or something. Who knew.
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