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Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
The contrast between her usually pale cheeks and the now rosy tinge that coloured them was alarming, or at least it would have been to anyone who knew her. When did she ever have a strong reaction to anything that wasn’t to do with something other than a magical creature? Never! Looking up from the floor at the girl now, a glimmer of hope appeared on her face at the sound of something that wasn’t complete rejection.

“Nude?!” her expression befuddled and slightly embarrassed for a moment because that wasn’t a colour, was it? Eventually though, something clicked in her head and she continued “Oh…nude. Okay. Do you always need that? It just seems a little plain” she replied then, completely out of her comfort zone now. “My favourite colour is red but I’m not sure that’ll suite me”.

All of the information that she was new to her and she was absorbing it like a sponge in water now, eager to know more about this new side of her that had previously been covered up by mud, dust and other, less pleasant things. “I didn’t realise all of that kind of stuff was a big deal. It sounds a lot. Reaching out, she eyed the nude-coloured nail polish followed by the basic cleanser and then placed them both in her basket.

“Thanks, I really have no idea about any of this…” and then she was blushing again for a moment before a smile spread across her face. Her sisters, bless them, were always so complimentary to her and it always made her smile but they’d never say a thing to upset her or tell her how they really felt. Coming from a stranger though, she couldn’t be fibbing, could she? “My bones? Thank you. I’m Ingrid by the way”.
The blush was cute, aw. It made Florrie's smile widen, and maybe become more real - if only for a moment. The confusion was also cute, but it was more amusing, and the knowing smirk was soon back in place. "Yeah, nude. You need it for those times where you need to be professional, or when you can't be bothered - it's lazy but still looks good," she elaborated. "But it can be boring, you're right." Maybe a little agreement would make the kid like her.

"Red is super bold." Her accent was strong on the adjective, the emphasis placed there. "If you're not ready for that, go for something less bright - like a burgundy or a pink-toned red," she added, picking up a few of the slightly more muted red-toned vials and holding them out towards the younger girl. Her own nails were manicured, a dark blue - almost black, with a shiny that caught the light.

Something that resembled a sympathetic smile crossed Florrie's face, and she nodded as if she understood. Which she did, deep down, only her Mama had been on her about skincare since she could remember, and the other beauty stuff had followed somewhat naturally. "We've all got to start somewhere, Ingrid. I'm Florrie."
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