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The tears were drying and Zita could honestly say she was starting to feel like she was on cloud nine, a terrified cloud nine, but a good terrify, she hoped. They were possibly going to get this house, he seemed to think they could make it work and if they came up short she knew her parents would most likely help out. They had the money to spare, so she wasn't worried if her and Adam found themselves not making it. Grinning she turned to him and kissed him again, "This is wonderful, I think I could really do some great designs here and make this house look stunning for us." They would be on a very strict budget and some rooms would certainly have to wait, but over time she could make it look amazing.

"I think we should go ahead and make an offer on this one if you think so." She didn't want to lose it if it was the one they wanted. Checking her watch she thought maybe they could grab some food before heading back to the flat. There would have to be some cleaning done there before they could sell it.

"I'm glad your dad will be excited." She wasn't too worried about his dad or her mum if she was being honest. She did wonder what her sisters would think though. She hoped they would be excited, but when it came to her sisters you just never know.
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