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THIS BOY'S AUDACITY. Victoria was furious at his comment. Her fists balled at her sides, and she was glaring even more at him. He was insinuating she didn't have BRAINS? Really? Maybe HE didn't because his joke was so STUPID. AND WHY WAS LISA LAUGHING?! She thought Lisa would TOTALLY be taking her side on this, and she was FURIOUS she wasn't.


Before she even knew what she was doing, she took her hands, placed them on his shoulders, and promptly *SHOVED* him. Whether he fell or not or whatever SHE DID NOT CARE. AND IF HE GOT HURT, SHE ALSO DIDN'T CARE BECAUSE HE WAS MEAN.

She glanced at Lisa, hurt clearly written on her face. "Skewers sound good. Then I can POKE anyone who is rude to me," she said in HIS direction. "And because you're acting all like you do know....and if you do, that is unfortunate because he is the absolutely WORST person I have ever met. I HOPE you don't go to Hogwarts because if I have to go to lessons with you I will SCREAM!" she had her hands back on her hips again.

Skewers, though.
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She thought he was funny…. A girl had thought that he was funny! It was a good thing that Daniel did not blush easily and was therefore able to change his flustered state in to a smile. ”Thank you” he answered to her comment before turning to the RUDE girl again. ”See? She got the joke”

That the RUDE girl had not understood the joke meant to him that she was a pureblood . That or she was a muggleborn who had lived under a rock. Because even if you did not know Batman. You knew Batman.

He was still glaring at the RUDE girl when he felt a light tap on his arm. Mr.Wayne? what? oh , he got it. He momentarily switched his glare to look over at the NICE girl (in a more friendly way) when he felt two hands on his shoulders. Before he could register what was happening, he stumbled backwards before tripping over his own feet and landed with a -THUD- on the road.

”I’M the worst?!” he half shouted from the ground as he looked up at the two girls. ”I’M not the one SHOVING someone !” Was he being petty right now? Yes he was, he even had to admit it himself because he too had said some rude things back to her but in his defense SHE HAD STARTED IT!

He jumped back up on his feet and GLARED at the girl again. If only he knew how to properly use magic . He could turn that stupid hair of hers in to propellers and watch her fly away. ”Oh but i WILL be going to Hogwarts!” his grin was back again knowing that it would annoy the girl even further. ”We might even become seat mates!”

Popcorn? long forgotten.

Oh Batman-Skewer Boy was smiling now! Maybe V would finally get the joke and they could all smile, laugh, put this behind them, sing a song, and move on? Heh. Yeah... right.

A small smile began to appear on Lisa’s face as he thanked her but she froze it for fear of V’s wrath. She really, really didn’t want to get on V’s bad side and she genuinely thought that the boy had been a little rude but an equivalent level of rudeness as V. Though she did feel a little bit of loyalty to V for showing her around the Alley beforehand even with V mentioning that her side gig idea was silly... She glanced down at her feet momentarily before meeting eyes with Daniel one more time after she had tapped his shoulder and then........... something physical happened.

....V happened.

Lisa had honestly been expecting another retort or a sassy remark which personally she was a fan of.... She hadn’t expected V to get physical. She gasped LOUDLY as V PUSHED the boy to the ground and she froze once more. That was so mean!!!! Sure the boy was being a jerk but did it have to result to becoming physical??!?!

V! she cried and was about to take a step forward to intervene but before she could the boy was on his feet and V hand turned to her. Instantly Lisa could tell that she was mad and also hurt (because Lisa hadn’t stepped up for her) but agreed that skewers were a good choice. Lisa hadn’t stepped up for V because (1) V had been kinda rude to Daniel and (2) she didn’t want to make either one of them an enemy. She didn’t even know what Hogwarts was like but based on the rumors she had learned... she didn’t want to be on someone’s bad list just yet with you potentially ending up already on the bad list from the school itself!!

Why would I LIE to you about knowing him?” she asked, an annoyed edge in her voice as she gave V a glare. They knew each other longer, yes? Surely V knew she was somewhat nice.... “I’m OFFENDED that YOU would have even say that.” Lisa HUFFED and crossed her arms over her chest. “Besides - Sure. He was being rude but so were you.... V... you didn’t have to push him!! What if he got HURT?” She bit her lip to stop herself from cheekily adding something about who would defend Gotham in Batman’s failure? Where was the Catwoman they needed? Lisa stanned that Queen. But anyway back to not laughing... She didn’t want to get a death glare from V. “What if it got out of hand?” And then she turned to Daniel. “And you didn’t have to tell her she was stupid. That wasn’t nice.

They were better than escalating it, right?

Absolutely not because Daniel said that he was going to Hogwarts too and even had the nerve to smile back at V. And say that they were going to be seat mates... What if they ended up in the same house? Those two would surely kill each other? What if the three of them were all in the same house? Lisa would surely hex them....

....I’m going to get skewers.
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