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SPOILER!!: Alfie!
Originally Posted by Dumblydor View Post

Alfie gave his ice cream another lick as he observed his surroundings. It was certainly a very beautiful day. From the sun sitting high in the sky, to the people going about their day and business. He couldn't help but mutter the opening two stanzas of the famous French poem Les Feuilles Mortes by Jacques Prévert. Eight whole years of intense lessons in literature had really gotten to his head. Still, he thought it was rather fitting, considering that the title did mean 'The Autumn Leaves' in English. He swung his feet back and forth over the edge of the bench. He hated the fact that he was short enough to do that. Sure, he was already tall for his age, but just a couple inches higher wouldn't do anyone harm, would it? Statistically, it would probably be around two years before those wishes came true.

Alfred noticed a girl around his age walking towards him. Was she going to talk to him? Hopefully not. Then he realised he needed new friends. All his old friends were in France, getting ready to go to Beauxbatons. He sighed, but looked up when she asked a question. "Strawberry. What about you?"

She took another lick of the refreshing mint ice cream as she looked over at the other boy who had the pink ice cream. Her bet was that it was either bubblegum, strawberry, or rose flavored but he didn’t strike her as someone to get rose flavored ice cream. And besides rose ice cream sounded kinda gross to her. She crinkled her nose and winced as her mind froze over. Brain freeze. Eeeeek. It took her a few seconds and then she was fine. Strawberry? Strawberry was a good flavor.

Nice. I like strawberry...” she said before taking another lick of her ice cream. To be honest, there had yet to be an ice cream flavor that she had found that she hadn’t liked. “Mint. It’s my favourite flavor. Refreshing but.... sharp.... I like it but I find it gives me brain freeze quicker than the other flavors.” More honestly she got brain freeze because she was just eating it very quickly in order to stop it from melting.

Know any tricks to stop it?” she asked. “The brain freezing?
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