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SPOILER!!: Aboli
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
She had been talking about it for a couple of years now, and since she was graduated and halfway to being eighteen, Aboli Song was getting her first tattoo. The first of many, but you had to start somewhere. She had it sketched out, planned out, all ready to go.

And yes, she had come alone. Aboli had not wanted company on this adventure. Noah would have come...Alexandre, Redhead!Noah might have....Royse...but no. She wanted to do this herself and experience it herself.

The chimes tinkled lightly as she stepped into the shop, her nerves on fire as her anxious tummy rollllllled. She made her way to the back of the shop, about ten minutes early for her appointment. Aboli had NOT just walked in here, no. Poor planning? Nah. Aboli was prepared. The bell said to ring it if the shopkeep wasn't nearby, but the former Slytherin did not want to do that quite yet...what if the tattoo artist was nearby? She didn't want to that customer.

Vitani was in the back room of the shop hard at work painting a sign. So far, she’d been at it for over an hour and had just finished the first word, but if it took her hours to finish, so be it. The woman was nothing if not a perfectionist! As she worked, she heard the faint tinkle of the wind chimes, announcing that someone had just walked through the shop door. Setting her paintbrush aside, she checked her watch. Almost time for her next appointment…

After taking a quick moment to clean her brush and remove her apron, Vitani emerged from the back room to find a young woman waiting, “Hello and welcome to Paradise,” she greeted, moving behind the counter where she kept her date book, and she took a quick peek to check the name. Miss Song?”

SPOILER!!: Claudine & Ashley
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
As promised, Claudine had taken the time to have a girls’ day with Ashley. She had made sure to schedule the date on a day when she happened to be off from her summer job. Honestly, she felt as though it was now that her life was coming together again after all the commotion at Hogwarts. Claudine wasn’t about to spoil what was going to be an exciting day with depressing thoughts, however. Merlin knew both girls deserved some fun.

The wind chimes jingled when the older girl pushed the door open. Wind chimes made such pleasant sounds. Maybe she ought to get herself one at some point in life. Maybe her future house would have a few. Yes. The latter sounded like a great idea.

“What do you think? Want to get your future tattoo here?’’ Sure, Claudine knew it might be too early for Ashley to decide but a good first impression of this warm, cosy and inviting parlour would surely help. Right?
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash was sooooo excited. Claudine(totally her older sister in her mind, though she would never admit it) had NOT EVEN LIED. Like, they were actually here and everything. It was the most amazing thing ever. Imagine someone actually keeping their word when they say that they are gonna make it all okay again. Like, WHAT. Crazy. "Oooo Claudine, looook. They have like, an island or whatever over there. How is it so relaxing in here? Look at all these cool tattoo designs!" This was paradise. It LOOKED like paradise, there were TATTOOS (the ultimate form of art), and it was just, um, PERFECT AND STUFF. Crazy. Sooooo cool. Cue excited Ashley faces. Not mopey Ashley, not grumpy Ashley, not miserable Ashley, EXCITED ASHLEY. "Woahhhhh. Hmmm yeah, I'd love to get at least one of my tattoos here." Cause LOOK. THE RELAXATION. "Did I already say thanks for bringing me here? Can I say it again?" This was like a good birthday! Not a mirror birthday. A good birthday! "Soooo cool." Yayyyy. Best day ever! And they just walked in. But it was still the best! Okay? Okay. "hahahahaha, I have sooo much inspiration from walking in here." She giggled 'evilly'. hehehe. So much inspiration for drawing. And actual tattoos. This was the best best best day of the summer. Except for the other best days, but today was the super best day. Nothing could possibly ruin this. Ever.
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Of course Claudine hadn’t lied, or even thought of calling off this date. Surprisingly, she had become very fond of Ashley and for that reason, they were going to do all the fun things today. Even so, the older girl had absolutely no idea how much her keeping her word meant to Ashley. What she did have an idea about, however, was that she had been right to suggest that they visit the Tattoo Parlour. Just look at how excited Ashley was!

Why did Claudine have a warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart now?

This was one of those extremely rare moments where she’d seen the Ravenclaw super happy. Claudine was actually laughing quietly as she watched Ashley go bonkers. “I’d like to think that it’s the set up of the shop. It’s not dank and dreary at all.’’ Like The Room they’d been confined to during the previous school term. Claudine herself gravitated towards the mural of the left wall. Of course it should grab her attention. “You’re welcome.’’ The soon-to-be-sixth year grinned. “While you can’t have any tattoos, you can choose a piece of jewelry. Or a hat. Whichever you want. It’s my treat.”

Oh. Inspiration was always a great thing! It could always strike when one least expected it. Was that the reason for Ashley’s weird laugh? “I’m interested here. Care to share your new ideas?’
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post

"You're right, Claudine. This is far from an austere environment. I love the vibes in here." Ash grinned. She was like 80% sure that austere was an inapplicable word here. Which was good. Austere = The Room = very bad.

Wait? Was Claudine actually saying she was going to buy her something? But that wasn't fair! Ash was probably richer than she was. But you weren't supposed to say no to presents if it would make someone feel better to give you one, sooo... Ash picked out a single silver-colored earring that she liked. They were not too expensive. Only a galleon or two. "Now I can be a pirate with my one earring. It'll make me look way cool." Totally fitted with the temporary tattoo and the wrist holster and the leather jacket. Yeah, Ash was going for a very specific look here. "I like that phoenix tattoo over there. I'm gonna paint one." And she was gonna get a real one like that. She didn't realize that phoenixes looked GREAT in gray colors. "And I like those flowers. And those dragons. And also literally everything else." asdfghjk whaaaat this was AWESOME. "I love this place." Claudine was officially the best best best. The greatest of forever time. The awesomeness level of her other 5 favorite people: her boyfriend, her brother, Eden... actually, those last two spots were pretty hard to decide. Basically, Claudine was equally as awesome as every friend ever. She was the best! That was just the truth.

Much later, Vitani finally finished painting her sign. With a quick flick of her wand, she made the paint flash in different colors, and she was done. The completed product read: VICTORY SALE ½ OFF ALL DIY KITS. She stepped back, wiping her hands on her apron, and took a quick moment to scrutinize her work for any minor flaws. When she saw none, she beamed with pride, pride in her painting and in the sale itself. She knew from experience how healing art could be, and the wizarding community would need all the healing it could get now! She was honored to provide that in any way she could.

As she was cleaning up, she heard the chimes tinkle, followed by two voices. Carefully carrying her freshly painted sign, she spotted the two Hogwarts-age girls as she walked into the shop area. “Hello, ladies,” she greeted. “Welcome to Paradise! Can I help you find anything today?” As she awaited their answer, she made her way to the window display to hang the sign. “We have a 50% off sale on all DIY kits.”
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