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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
So she was creative. That was not quite news. It was really too bad that creative careers were very competitive in terms of, y'know, international recognition.

Like, sure, she could probably write a decent novel if she tried, but who'd read it?

And for the record--Honora would happily tell Jack the ending to Pride and Prejudice. It was a fantastically unbelievable novel, she would have found it hard to believe people ever really interacted that way, even in Muggle society, if her granddad hadn't given her a crash course on the history of Regency society. History buffs were helpful that way. Maybe she'd look for some historical novels or memoirs in this stack. "Yes, I always find something," she said, picking up a book that looked promising and flipping through to see how much of the text was missing.

Hard to find the time to read...well, Honora would give him a pass on that excuse, as she had a very un-demanding job and no school, so she'd had p l e n t y of reading time over the last year. "So you like to read, but maybe it's not in your top ten list of favorite activities?" she said with a half smile. Seemed like a common response, honestly. She knew she hadn't read quite so much fun books when she'd been busy studying, so it made sense as an excuse to her.
Jackson would read it! He loved supporting his friends in their endeavors.

"Yeah, maybe," he replied, still mulling it over. He wasn't sure he even had ten favorite activities to choose from. Ten was kind of a big number. Double digits and everything. "I guess I've just gotta find a book to really get me sucked in again, you know?" It had really been a while. "The last time I was really into reading it was because of a book called, uh, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - have you heard of it? It's pretty old, but still funny." He liked light-hearted books like that. Ones that had deep meanings that weren't so overt.

42. Heh.

A survey of the books on these shelves showed proved that they had all sorts of genres, which was nice. Even if pages were ripped out, at least there were books for all tastes. "How high up is reading on your list of top ten favorite activities?" And did she have TEN top favorite activities? Because ones again, ten was a lot.

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