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Originally Posted by natekka View Post
Bliss Hope Gracae-Ryans beamed as she stepped inside Espresso Patronum. She didn't get to come here often, what with having five children, a wife, a dog and a job, but it was always one of the highlights of her day when she did. This place always, without fail, made her feel like her troubles had just melted away. She was without her kids today, who were at friends' houses or at playgroup, and Blue, who was working, and it was a strange feeling, but she wouldn't be alone for long because she was meeting her good friend, Theodore Kinsley, for a much needed break and catch up. Although they had seen each other a few months prior, so much had happened since then that it felt like it had been much longer.

The blonde THIRTY-EIGHT year old walked up to the counter. Theo would be arriving any minute now but she figured she would buy her drink now instead of waiting. Despite the fact that Bliss was a massive tea lover, she was tired so she needed coffee. She never used to like coffee but... people change. It was tempting to order food, too, but she would wait for Theo to get here for that.

With a friendly smile at the shopkeeper, Bliss ordered a cappuccino and, when it was ready, took a seat off to the right of the counter.
Laaaaate, late, late. He wasn't usually late to things anymore, but his life was a bit of a hot mess at the moment. Just like his hair, that had grown to almost his shoulders. To be fair, it had taken him a little while to find the coffee shop that Bliss wanted to meet him at. He liked a good homemade brew, but all the fancy flavours from the stores confused the heck out of him.

Theodore Kinsley bounded through the door, catching his breath as his eyes scanned the room for his friend. As he caught sight of her, he raised his hand to greet her quickly before heading over.

"There she is!" He grinned. "Sorry, I'm a little late, my timekeeping these days." Theo shook his head. "Want me to grab us a..." He paused, noticing she already had a drink, "Never mind. Sorrrrry, again." Now, let's try and be a little less awkward around our old friends of twenty plus years, okay?

"No Blue today?" Or the bajillion kids those two had? Theo was glad about the no kids, though...
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