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Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa had crouched down further against the bookcase as Maya looked around. She shot a glare at anyone who gave them a strange look. They were on an important mission and hiding from their SIBLINGS. Important business! Please move on KINDLY or NOT! Sheesh. When Maya whispered back to her that she couldn’t see them, Lisa let out a loud whoop for joy before realizing that she had been too loud. “Oops.. Sorry...” she whispered.

Her eyebrows raised at Maya as her sister found a book that she had been searching for. Lisa sidled up to Maya and went on her tippy toes trying to figure out what the title was. “Armando Dippet, Monster or Mor? Mor’s not a word. OOH is it a bad word?” she asked smirking, thinking it was sweet of Maya not to say it. Heh. Now she just wanted to know more. “Mort? Mormon? Mordant? More Ice Cream Please? More On?
She giggled and smiled politely as those passing by while Lisa glared at them. She raised her hand up for her sister to high five. "They're going to get into so much trouble later..."

Maya paused as she tried to figure her way out of this. Maya took the book off the shelff again and placed it up higher so her sister wouldn't be able to reach it. "It's not a bad word," she lied, as she read the spines of the other books. Her face turned slightly pink when Lisa started to guess the word... turning bright red when she said 'more on'.

"It was Armando Dippet, Monster or Mortal." There. That made sense right? No need to keep asking! "Wanna look for some books on mind control?" she asked quickly, trying to change the subject.
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