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Dahlia had spent the better part of the morning with her parents and siblings shopping for their school supplies. Having stopped at the Leaky Cauldron for a family lunch just a little bit they had all been given the go ahead to do some of their own shopping and to meet up again in one hours time at the fountain. This was what she had been waiting for all day long.

Without wasting another moments time, the twelve year old made her way directly towards Sugarplum's. It was time to restock her sweets supply before she completely ran out. She was running dangerously low. How she wasn't sure, there was noway she was eating her own stash of sweets as quickly as it was disappearing. It was as if.. as if.. she was being helped. And with four siblings at home, she probably was, even though they all had their own candy.

Pushing the door open, Dahlia slipped inside, inhaling the scent of sweet sweet candy. She let her feet lead the way and moved directly down the aisle with the sugar quills.
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