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Jake had to squint at Ferguson, just ever so slightly, because what in Merlin's name was he-... no, never mind. Not important. "About anything," he replied, tapping his fingers on the table top. "At any time. I'd just rather not have any of you think you can't raise any doubts or concerns if they were to come up, to me, or anyone you might need to discuss them with." To be clear, Jake was not hinting at anything untoward, just aiming for transparency. After Goldwasser, the Rosier situation in the Minister's office and up at the school, the whole Neo-Alliance bit in general, not to mention the mess with his own kid, a little transparency would be refreshing. Merlin help him, you could take the boy out of Hufflepuff...

Moving on though. He met Ferguson's eye - and was not, by the way, concerned that it had taken the lad this long to look right at him - and... smiled. "Aha." Neat. This was the part of the job Jake had been most looking forward to. "Security work is necessary, but if you're not happy there we can absolutely look into something else for you; you have proved yourself this past year. Any position in particular you've got your eye on? We might still need to talk about fulfilling requirements and the like." Swivelling around in the chair, Jake rolled a few feet over to reach the filing cabinet, and began walking his fingers through it, looking for Ferguson's file. He'd been through them all once already, but remembering every last detail was just not practical. While he was focused on looking through the cabinet, Jake added casually, "Don't go snooping through that paperwork." Well, he could if he wanted, but there was nothing particularly interesting there. Or, actually no, Jake had just told him not to, and he was the boss now, so Ferguson probably should do as he was told.

The boss. Weird, but good. Like being a parent, except people actually listened when you told them what to do.

But about Goldy-... uh, Goldwasser, the lad had a point. Jake plucked his file out of the draw, slid it shut, and rolled back. "I do want a team together focusing on Goldwasser as soon as possible, and I think you'd be well-placed for it." He dropped the file on top of the paperwork and began looking through it, gradually running a finger down the parchment. Not to get too distracted or anything, but maybe it would be worth seeing if Tomasz was interested in helping with the search too. Jake would rather talk to him properly first, though, see what his head was at. Right now, the focus was Scott Ferguson.

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