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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Adi was grateful and welcoming of Hades’ added words. He had grown up as a mannerly person, raised right by his parents. Benny had been brought up the same way and Adi intended fully to have their children be instilled with the same proper manners. For that reason, he didn’t mind Aryan receiving a little extra scolding. Hades had plenty of experience with soothing over situations and giving kiddos a talk when they needed it, he reckoned; she’d know too that it was best to be gentle with Aryan as opposed to shouting at him to correct his behaviour.

Aryan stared solemnly up at Aunty Hades’ as he listened to her then nodded once. He was so ashamed of himself but of course, he had no clue what that emotion was named or meant. He stared just as solemnly at Bry and her little foot. Then Aryan was looking down at his own feet. Yes, they were bigger than Bry’s but not by much. Right? “Ary haz big foot,’’ he agreed.

Adi chuckled as he watched the interaction between the two little ones. All seemed well, and they were definitely friends again. The man caught Hades’ mouthed words and he grinned at her in acknowledgement. Excuse or not, Bry was right: she was little. For now, anyway.

The little boy’s face lit up in a smile. He felt Bry’s fingers holding onto his and when she took off, he followed her speedily in an attempt to keep up.
Hady didn't always know how to handle children. Up until the time her father had remarried when she was fourteen, she had been an only child. She had only one cousin at the time who had been roughly half her age. Gaining a stepmum also brought with it, Katalin's four children, all a bit older than Hady had been. The child rising experience came only about a year or so later however, with the birth of her younger twin siblings then a couple of years after that the triplets. And her own children as well as several other cousins and her friends having babies of their own. It had been a true learning process for them all. She was glad though that Adi didn't mind her speaking with Aryan as well, she knew how some parents felt about these things, even though her words had been spoken with kindness and as only a reminder.

Seeing those sad eyes on her sweet little nephews face broke her heart as much as her children's did when they looked at her that way. She scooped him up into a warm gentle embrace, planting a soft kiss on top of his before letting him go. Aaww, look at Aryan taking note of the size of his foot compared to Bryony's! This warmed her heart to see. It proved that both children knew and understand what had been said to them. "Only a little bit bigger. Not too much."

At the speed Bryony was currently running, Aryan shouldn't have had any trouble keeping up. This time with their hands still clasped in one another's the little blonde went alllllllll the way around the play castle for another to get inside so she wouldn't have to let his hand go. She found some much wider steps and choose those to climb up much more easily, side-by-side.
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