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Something snapped inside Atlas during the following exchange. Actually, something snapped the moment the woman revealed that she knew who he was and that she had overheard the entire exchange to boot. Not just that, but she had these preconceived notions that were written all over her sharp and disgusted face. Notions that Atlas could not piece together himself, but it was abundantly clear that she did not like the thought of Quinn speaking to him. And then it clicked...this woman was the unspoken reason as to why Quinn felt like they could not be friends anymore. But why? And what kind of controlling monster was she to strike that much fear into Quinn with only a look (not unlike Rosier) AND play mind games with him too. You couldn't test someone who didn't know they were being evaluated! That was setting the other person up for failure and pushing your own agenda!

His hands squeezed the popcorn box in his hands, shooting butterbeer popcorn up in an an explosion of kernels and popped bits. There was still a little left in the bottom of it, but it was the last thing on Atlas' mind as he watched the woman drag Quinn away.

And those eyes...Quinn's eyes...

Nostrils flaring, Atlas was on the move and crumbling up the popcorn box into a lopsided ball. He was sure Aries would call his actions brave, but Atlas would later reflect and call it reckless abandonment in the presence of desperation and a horribly ugly part of himself to slip into. It was a gesture he had witnessed at Hogwarts, just with a shoe, and it was a jarring moment of defiance that had stood out above all else. Winding up, Atlas THREW the lumpy ball at the back of the woman's head while still propelling himself forward towards his STILL best friend.

He hadn't been able to stand up for or save Quinn at Hogwarts...but today would be different!

Reaching out, Atlas attempted to grab on to Quinn's OTHER hand and tug him free while his mom was distracted. They could make a run for it after. Everything would be fine! "Come on," he hissed between clenched teeth. "We'll make a run for it!"

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