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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
He was entirely too confident around her, though not in the same way that Jesús had been. Something that, looking back now, she had come to accept had made her feel small and that had fueled a part of her fury of passions towards the former Thunderbird. No, there was a cooling quality to David Truebridge's sashay...which likewise was infuriating.

Insufferable handsome man. Friend. Yes, David was a friend.

"And what shall we do on this next meeting?" she asked while tucking some stray stands of snow white hair behind her ear. "The burden does lay on your shoulders as I arranged today." As she turned to look at him, however, she found that he had already wandered off elsewhere and now entirely possible that he had not heard her faint speech.

Peering around a bit and spotting the back of his head that soon turned to his profile as he moved from pot to pot, Valerie observed his movements for a few moments. "Will you inform me which of those contains the most loamy of soils while you are over there? I require some more Valerian and Alihosty to my windowpane garden and would like not to disrupt the balance I have achieved among my existing flora. The roots on one of my existing Alihosty is particularly choosy about with whom they share a flower bed with."
Friend, yes, that's absolutely all that David and Valerie were or ever would be. Maybe.

Ah yes, so, he'd heard her speech, and just drifted away anyway. The truth was that he had no idea how to speak to women nor plan things and so he just went with the flow as best as he could. He really needed more time to think about how and when and where he could talk to Valerie one-on-one. He'd need time to plan. He was still processing his mental picture of how she'd look in a longgggggggggg (red) jacket.

"I hadn't heard that about Ali-HOT-sy before," he replied, a certain note of mirth continuing to ring through his dry tone. "I suspect the Alihotsy could perhaps learn to be less choosy if we were to get experimental with its... bedding."

He shot an amused glance her way and withdrew his thin, soiled fingers from one of the pots, smoothly gesturing to it with said finger. "This one is adequately loamy." There was a pause, while he considered what he was pointing at. "Do you know, alihotsy leaves are an ingredient in one of my most favorite potions?" And one he often considered offering Valerie when she got into one of her moods.

Like... now, perhaps?
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