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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Honestly, it was typical Steve. He liked to make friends and he loved burrowing in hair, especially if it was shiny. And this girl had nice, shiny hair. But it all happened so fast - before Caroline could try and calmly retrieve Steve from the girls' limbs, she started shaking about and jumping and straight-up convulsing like a mad person.

"Oi-" the young brunette tried to say, but her call was drowned out by the girl's AWFUL shrieking. "OI!" she yelled this time, waving her arms at the girl. "KNOCK IT OFF, YER GONNA HURT STEVE!" The poor little mouse just wanted to smell her hair!

Caroline was in the middle of trying to figure out HOW to save Steve from the flailing banshee when the girl jumped again. This time, it seemed to be in slow motion. She was in the air, and so was her basket and SO WAS STEVE. The poor mouse had jumped from the girl's shoulder in a panic and he was FLYING through the air towards Caroline. Caroline's hands went into the air and caught the mouse right as the other girl crashed to the floor.... with all those colored potions.

"ARE YE MAD?" Caroline shouted at the girl on the floor, holding little Steve to her chest. "Ye could have hurt Steve!"
EXCUSE ME? IM MAD!? she shrieked. No way. She wasnt mad. She had just been perusing hair dye colour potions and this mouse (Steve) had attacked her. Lisa was ANNOYED. Eyes narrowed, nostrils flared, reason be gone. She jumped off to her feet, not noticing how her clothes and hair were all different colors. She barely caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the puddle. This other girl was shouting and yelling at her.

Oh yeah, anger took the best of her. Lisa took several steps forward towards the other girl and GLARED. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU BRINGING A MOUSE INTO A STORE? I THINK YOURE MAD!

Lisa huffed. Im going to find the shopkeeper. Its unsanitary to have a mouse in a cosmetic shop. She brushed past the girl, hoping to intentionally rub some of the hair dye potion up against her. She then turned to Steve, the mouse, looked at him and then hmphed.
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