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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
His head was heavy and slipped from his hand just as Anna called him a nerd. He jerked awake, head snapping up. "I'm awake!" he said perhaps a bit too loudly for the coffee shop. And then he promptly yawned. "Sorry... What about pirates? Don't you know I only read about pirate with you?" Clearly he hadn't fully heard the nerd comment, although if he had, it wouldn't have bothered him at all. Instead he rubbed at an eye, and then his nose because it felt wet.

Tired as he was the kiss made him beam at Anna. "I've missed you." He pushed his cookie her way, indicating she could help herself to it. He finished his hot chocolate and then closed his book. "Want something?" he motioned to the counter. He was likely going to get something a bit...stronger since the chocolate didn't seem to be helping him stay awake.
His awakening startled her because she really didn't think he was asleep. Tired, yes, but she didn't think anyone would ever fall asleep in that position! This was just another proof that Kalen wasn't just anyone, ay? Anna laughed out loud at the poor thing, but it was just so funny! She covered her mouth with one hand - no need to call even more attention to themselves as they probably already had - and patted his thigh with the other as a 'there there'. "Here." She added, getting a serviette and cleaning his chocolatey nose, trying her hardest not to snort. Merlin, that had been TOO funny!

Bless his adorable heart.

And he only read about pirates with her? "I don't know, you could be the kind that likes reading the same thing over and over." Or was that just her brother? But in all honesty she wasn't sure her brother did it either. Maybe she was just making it up in her head. "Wouldn't surprise me." Truth!

At his next comment she grinned and let out a "Awww!" before giving him another kiss. "I missed you too. Have things gotten better at St Mungos yet?" She asked, tossing the dirty serviette on the table and keeping her other hand on his thigh since holding hands while sitting down was a bit strange.

Ohh, biscuit! "Thanks, how'd you know??" She grinned before taking a bite. Omnomnom. "Oh, yes, please! I'll have um... uh..." Anna thought for a while but couldn't decide. She was also feeling a bit decision-lazy. "I dunno, surprise me." Teehee. "Something hot, though, don't want any iced anything." Yeah, yeah, it was summer, but she fancied something hot, that was all she knew.
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