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Originally Posted by iBeJenn View Post
"I'm coming!!" Maya called from behind Lisa. Huff, huff. She didn't have the same level of energy her younger sister had and running after her was not easy. And running inside of a bookshop? Well, that was practically a sin. She followed Lisa and hid behind the bookcase as well. "I don't think so... let me take a look," Maya said, peering from behind the bookcase and looking out the shop window. "I don't see them," she whispered before hiding back behind it.

"I think the coast is clear," she said, a little sparkle in her eye. "Oh hey!" She quickly pulled out a book from the shelf they were hiding behind and beamed. "I was looking for this," she told Lisa, "Armando Dippet, Monster or Mor-" Maya quickly caught herself before saying the next word. She cleared her throat and put it back in it's place. "Nevermind." She didn't need Lisa asking what a moron was or start calling people one.
Lisa had crouched down further against the bookcase as Maya looked around. She shot a glare at anyone who gave them a strange look. They were on an important mission and hiding from their SIBLINGS. Important business! Please move on KINDLY or NOT! Sheesh. When Maya whispered back to her that she couldn’t see them, Lisa let out a loud whoop for joy before realizing that she had been too loud. “Oops.. Sorry...” she whispered.

Her eyebrows raised at Maya as her sister found a book that she had been searching for. Lisa sidled up to Maya and went on her tippy toes trying to figure out what the title was. “Armando Dippet, Monster or Mor? Mor’s not a word. OOH is it a bad word?” she asked smirking, thinking it was sweet of Maya not to say it. Heh. Now she just wanted to know more. “Mort? Mormon? Mordant? More Ice Cream Please? More On?
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