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Oof the Batman comment didn’t sit well with V. Lisa had enjoyed it but that’s cause she knew who Batman was. She had grown up watching her older brothers watch cartoons and play Batman games. She just observed- couldn’t ever figure out the right buttons to press when and it just turned into hopelessly desperate button smashing. She figured that her acquaintance - almost friend (Lisa wasn’t quite sure but all she knew for sure was that she didn’t want to be on V’s bad side) didn’t understand. Buuut the match was on and Lisa was just going to remain quiet. No point in jumping in the middle of it. Lisa looked back and forth between Daniel and V like a spectator trying to keep up with a professional tennis match. Comment one served with a little slice from Daniel meets an overpowered topspin return.

Maydaaaaay question had just been asked to her. The tennis ball came towards her in her commentator stand. Uh? Did she look like she knew him? “No? But I think he’s funny.” Batman-Skewer Boy got jokes and Lisa liked that. “What makes you think that I know him?

She then followed V’s glare back to Daniel who was now in front of them. V restarted the match with a killer serve and the rally began. It was entertaining absolutely but she wondered if they were going to get kicked out of line and then no one would get the popcorn. It was also escalating and she knew that it was probably time to intervene but before she knew it Daniel - uh Bat Skewer Man Boy - got very very close to V so much so that even Lisa leaned a way slightly. Wait. Did he just whisper... She looked away, covering her mouth to hide a giggle, but her shoulders gave it away and she just coughed. V wasn’t dumb - a little annoying and snobby at times but not dumb. They were both out of line and being rude.

Lisa didn’t know what to do so she reached over and tapped Daniel’s arm lightly. “Excuse me.... Mr. Wayne... I think it may be your turn to order...” she said, pointing behind Daniel a little earlier than the guy was ready but she hoped that they would move on. “Come on V, let’s go get some skewers...” They had already caused a scene... more than she had wanted too.... This was messy and Lisa didn’t do messy.

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