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Isabella was saved. In a matter of moment's her thirst would be quenched by the delicious drink of a frozen butterbeer and possibly some fudge in this warm summer heat. The crimson red cart was only a few minutes away whereas going to the espresso house would take a lot longer. Blowing some sweaty damp black strands out of her face the short, 12 year old snakette slowly made her way over to the cart, trying to not loose the grip on her many shopping bags.

Just as she came up to the cart and was about to order a butterbeer from the young chubby man behind the cart the shopping bags slipped out of her fingers and fell to the ground causing a number of beauty products including a bottle of extreme purple hair dye and a pimple poofer potion, school books and a fanged frisbee to roll out.

"COME on! Not now! I was so close...." Bella said to nobody in particular with an exasperated sigh.
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