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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
If Quinn's heart was already shattered, Atlas's response eviscerated what was left into minute dust. He had so much he wanted to say. You didn't do anything wrong. This isn't your fault. You did everything so right, you couldn't have possibly been a better friend. You're the best person I know. I wish I could be around you forever and ever. The tears came back to Quinn's eyes. "Atlas—"


Quinn froze. His mouth immediately shut and all the color drained from his face. He wiped his eyes quickly, turning around to try and put some distance between himself and Atlas before—

"Who is this?"

Catherine Kingsley eyed the boy who was not her son warily, but she kept a tight smile painted on to portray some sort of motherly curiosity. There was none. A blonde bob cut sharply along her jawline framed her lithe, pointy face. No amount of niceties could cut through the icy chill that emanated off of her.

Quinn looked down at the ground, not daring to look behind him at Atlas. "Uh, n-no one..." Wait, that might not be the most delicate way... "I-I mean, someone from school, but I, um, I don't know him that well, and I, um, I-I saw him and, uh, w-we were just catching up about s-summer stuff since w-we hadn't seen each other a-and—" Quinn kept stumbling over his words, trying to find some sort of explanation that would appease his mother. He didn't think it was working
His name...was not exactly the sort of answer he had been looking for here. Though it was also in this moment that Atlas realized just how long it had been since Quinn had last said his name. This was...a far cry from the tackle embrace they had shared in the spare office. It was all such a departure from the Quinn he knew that it had Atlas' mind reeling in all sorts of terrible directions. Namely in that...this person here was not Quinn but some impostor. Which was perhaps more of a defensive kind of reaction than genuinely believing that someone had gone out of their way to polyjuice into he Ravenclaw just to torture Atlas.

But...the person he knew wouldn't be saying these sorts of things...unprompted...without reason...not his Quinn...

Whatever answers he may be getting slipped right through his fingers like black smoke. The woman's appearance sent an icy chill up and down the gangly blonde and for a fleeting moment he wondered if it were possible for a person to be part dementor. But then his brain attempted to get into the logistics of how that would even be possible and it essentially shut down at the notion. Her chin looked like it could stab a hole right through a person though.

Atlas opened his mouth again to speak and introduce himself, but Quinn beat him to it in the worst way. No one. Which meant that Quinn didn't even talk about him at home and he ... might even be embarrassed in being friends with him?? Was this because he had peed his trousers twice the one time in front of Rosier? The thought that Quinn may be protecting him from something was there, fleeting and fragile, but Atlas' emotional instability and chaotic heart from wading through the traumas that were his first year at Hogwarts were not the most compassionate in looking for the glass to be half full.

Deflated and depleted, it took much effort to not give in to the sting that had claimed his eyes. Which was also why he was averting his gaze now. "Yeah...just classmates," he reiterated. "Haven't seen or spoken since the train ride back." Which was not a lie, though it came out a bit more spiteful than factual.

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