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Atlas wasn't sure if Quinn would come out...and then that had him feeling terrible because it wasn't as though the gesture of buying popcorn and saying all these things was purely innocent. He knew he was playing to Quinn's emotions as well, which maybe WAS innocent since he meant it all in good faith but then...well...let's just say Atlas had been thinking about emotional manipulation a lot these days. Though with Myrna it had mostly been discussions around fear. But this too...was a kind of fear, wasn't it? A fear that Quinn didn't want him anymore. That Quinn hated him. That if Atlas blinked Quinn would be gone. Poof into black smoke or entangled in horrifying green lightning.

Which meant then that his confetti popcorn tactic too was rooted in fear, right?

He dreaded his next session with Myrna already.

His heart elated when Quinn came out from his pathetic hiding place and joined him and it actually felt like summer in his heart for a moment. Lips curling into a smile, Atlas' mouth opened to speak. "I've really been mis----" But since he had begun speaking just as Quinn had, it took a few moments for the other blue eyed boy's words to reach the Gryffindor's ears and they fell so sharply, so harshly, that they cut his words right off. Probably could have cut his tongue clear out of his mouth too if given the opportunity. "...w-w-w-w-w-w-what?!" He was crushed, true spaghettification happening and the void in his chest pooling so deeply that that summer light that had just filled his heart was drawn in and could not escape. A black hole, if you will. "...w-w-w-w-why? What...what did...what did I..." But then Atlas found himself maybe not wanting to know what he had done. There were some pursuits of knowledge not worth investigating. But his mouth wasn't entirely listening to his brain and kept moving, sound dripping out and forming words. " you..think that...?"

He was holding out on that word THINK. Think was circumstantial. It was noncommittal. It was not a fact yet.
If Quinn's heart was already shattered, Atlas's response eviscerated what was left into minute dust. He had so much he wanted to say. You didn't do anything wrong. This isn't your fault. You did everything so right, you couldn't have possibly been a better friend. You're the best person I know. I wish I could be around you forever and ever. The tears came back to Quinn's eyes. "Atlas—"


Quinn froze. His mouth immediately shut and all the color drained from his face. He wiped his eyes quickly, turning around to try and put some distance between himself and Atlas before—

"Who is this?"

Catherine Kingsley eyed the boy who was not her son warily, but she kept a tight smile painted on to portray some sort of motherly curiosity. There was none. A blonde bob cut sharply along her jawline framed her lithe, pointy face. No amount of niceties could cut through the icy chill that emanated off of her.

Quinn looked down at the ground, not daring to look behind him at Atlas. "Uh, n-no one..." Wait, that might not be the most delicate way... "I-I mean, someone from school, but I, um, I don't know him that well, and I, um, I-I saw him and, uh, w-we were just catching up about s-summer stuff since w-we hadn't seen each other a-and—" Quinn kept stumbling over his words, trying to find some sort of explanation that would appease his mother. He didn't think it was working
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