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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Say his name three times and he will appear. Like Beetlejuice. Or Rumpelstiltskin. Or, well, there was a whole group of horror genre characters that that apparently worked with. Not that Atlas had ever given himself nightmares over snooping any of these to try and prove a point (the point being that he was brave...and we have already been over how very much brave he was not).

More a mind of coincidence, Altas' bright blue eyes shifted to follow the trail of the pebble to the shoe it collided with and up, up, Quinn's face. He felt his own heart squeeze and do somersaults at the same time which, for someone who was not all that athletic, made him feel winded instantly. Sort of like he had been punched in the chest. Which, well, it took him a couple of seconds to realize that his chest WAS being hit...but by his own balled up fist because he had swallowed some air while simultaneously attempting to greet Quinn excitedly on reflex. Unfortunately the air catching in his throat like phlegm with a really bad cold forced a pause while he attempted to figuratively resuscitate himself that granted the Gryffindor enough space to fully take in the look on Quinn's face...which did not read as though he were happy to see him.

At all.

And then his little lion heart broke just like it had every day this summer when the owls had arrived with the post and there was no return correspondence from Quinn.

It was obvious that the Ravenclaw was hiding from him, even if the hiding space was anything but inconspicuous. Especially given the particular vendor he had ducked behind and their history together. But...Atlas supposed the polite thing to do would be to just pretend not to see Quinn. That was...what he wanted to happen, right?

Patting his pockets, the blonde decided to approach this another way and approached the vendor while fishing out some money from his pockets, some change he had left over from purchasing his new school books, and spoke directly to the vendor. "Two...please," he said weakly while counting the coins and pushing them around in his palm. "A....a butterbeer and...whichever flavor has the least amount of fizz. best friend has a sensitive tongue and the fizz is overwhelming sometimes. BUT...not the dill pickle...please..." All information the vendor did not need to know, but was Atlas reaaaaaaaaally talking to the vendor in the first place. "It's his birthday ... all I want to do is do something nice for him...with him."

Handing over the coins, Atlas took the two boxes of confetti popcorn and then moved away from the vendor. Not THAT far away but...far enough.
Quinn stared down at his feet as he heard Atlas speak to the vendor.

Oh no.

Oh no no no no nonononono NO!

Atlas saw him.

All that Quinn wanted was to avoid Atlas until the new term started, and he could just chalk it up to his parents not giving him any mail, but... now Atlas saw him... hiding... there was no avoiding it.

If Quinn talked to Atlas, he would have to explain why he was avoiding him and then... Atlas would hate him. Or, even worse, Mom would come back and see them talking and...

But if he ignored Atlas then... Atlas wouldn't think he wanted to be friends anymore, wouldn't he?

Quinn's eyes teared up as he tried to think of something else he could do—some other way where everything would be okay. Where he and Atlas could be friends and Quinn wouldn't have to worry about Atlas thinking he was a freak or about what his parents thought and they could just be happy together.

Quinn wished he could just be normal. Just for one day.

But there was no way for this to work anymore, was there?

Quinn knew what he had to do. He did his best to compose himself, and he stepped out from behind the stand. He somberly walked over to Atlas, then glumly took the popcorn Atlas bought for him. He looked down into it, not able to make eye contact with Atlas.

"I... I..." Quinn's voice trembled, "...I'm sorry.... I don't think... we... can be friends..... anymore..." Quinn's voice gave out and heart shattered as the last words left his mouth. But... what other choice does he have?
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