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Text Cut: Blackthorne
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Ignatius Blackthorne raised an eyebrow and looked down his nose at the man who had raised his voice(and from his considerable height, he looked down his nose at nearly everybody, both literally and figuratively). Was the fellow actually speaking to him with what seemed to be thinly-veiled insolence? There were reasons Ignatius hadn't gone out into the world much of late, and people like this were one of them. But this summer, he was trusting no one but himself to collect his niece from the Hogwarts Express.

Besides, after the battle at Hogwarts, Ignatius was feeling invigorated as he hadn't felt in years. Yes, he still had the old skills and was able to give as well as he got, even against far younger wizards and witches. There was a reason people used to be a little fearful of him, and he revelled in the feeling of power running through him, just like in the old days.

He decided to ignore this...person, whoever he was...and merely raised one eyebrow disdainfully and continued walking down the platform to where he calculated the middle of the train would arrive.

Teddy caught the look. Oh yes, indeed he did. He might be a foreigner, but contempt looked the same in many countries. So he merely put on a bit smile and nodded at the man as he walked past. Sure, his smile hid a grimace of pain, but it was still a smile. Just - move along old man and let him get back to trying to talk to Pretty Eyes.
Text Cut: Aurora
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Sweet zouwu's she was acting like a teenager again. When the realization hit Aurora felt slightly ashamed of herself for asking the not too subtle question that basically asked if the guy was single. She hadnít done that since before she met Sebastian. At least he didnít seem offended more like amused which she supposed was some consolation. Raising her eyebrows in confusion at his comment she shook her head. "No, we say vacation, the Scots and Irish say holiday more I think." Solo holiday jaunt, who even said that? The longing probably shone through her voice when she commented. "A solo vacation to see the sites on the Orient express sounds completely lovely. I havenít had a solo vacation in at least 10 years I think, but I love my 3 kids to bits." Aurora wouldnít trade away Lucas, Lily and Francesca for anything, but sometimes she missed time alone.

Pushing the trolley ahead of her she looked up at the 9 and 10 platform signs thinking about Lucas when she heard the gentlemanís voice again. Stopping Aurora looked down at her watch seeing that she still had time before she turned to face the guy again. "I went on the Orient Express years ago." She said pausing. "It was on my honeymoon with my late husband Sebastian." It surprisingly didnít hurt to speak about Sebastian and that felt okay. She ignored the senior gentleman since he seemed like a grump.

Oh good she stopped again. He took a stiff, clunky step in her direction once the old coot man had walked on. So she had three children? She must have had them young, because he wouldn't have expected her to be a mother of three. Nope. Not at all. "Anything I should make sure I see then?" he asked, clinging to his question in order to keep her around for a few more moments. He caught the time on a clock nearby, his own train was leaving soon and he should really get a move on, especially considering his leg was now going to slow him down a little. Maybe the question was a little inconsiderate, seeing as she said it had been her honeymoon, but she sure didn't seem to mind talking about her late husband. "I would hate," he said taking another clunky step forward. He likely looked like he had a bad limp. "To miss something important." Like your name Pretty Eyes... because he certainly couldn't just keep calling her pretty eyes. Or could he?
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