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Text Cut: Anna
Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Anna had been trying very hard to go back to life as normal as quickly as she possibly could after all of the war horrendousness. That was why she had asked to meet up with boy her boyfriend and one of her best friends at the coffee shop. It was odd to think she had been going out with Kalen for a good while now and he hadn't yet met any of her friends! That needed to be rectified pronto!

And so it was. Anna made her way to the same place she had met up with Kalen and his 'grandpappy' - she still couldn't get over how adorable that was, ha - not that long ago. Maybe it was a thing for this coffee shop. To be the place where they met each other's important people? What an interesting thought!

It was when she was still thinking about that that she spotted Kalen sitting reading a book like the nerd he was. Her nerd, thank you very much! With a smile on her face, she approached him. "Hey, nerd." She said, smirking and giving him a quick kiss as she took a seat next to him. "Not the book about pirates again, is it?" She chuckled, not bothering to peek at what he was reading.

His head was heavy and slipped from his hand just as Anna called him a nerd. He jerked awake, head snapping up. "I'm awake!" he said perhaps a bit too loudly for the coffee shop. And then he promptly yawned. "Sorry... What about pirates? Don't you know I only read about pirate with you?" Clearly he hadn't fully heard the nerd comment, although if he had, it wouldn't have bothered him at all. Instead he rubbed at an eye, and then his nose because it felt wet.

Tired as he was the kiss made him beam at Anna. "I've missed you." He pushed his cookie her way, indicating she could help herself to it. He finished his hot chocolate and then closed his book. "Want something?" he motioned to the counter. He was likely going to get something a bit...stronger since the chocolate didn't seem to be helping him stay awake.
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